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Thursday 03 November 2022 ▪ 14:00 ▪
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By buying Twitter, Elon Musk sounded the death knell for an outdated system where the “gods” reigned. His expectations for the social network with the blue bird seem great: multiplying Twitter users by 5 in a very short time, more decentralization, adaptation to NFTs and cryptocurrencies… Speaking of cryptocurrencies, Strike CEO offered to add Bitcoin Lightning payment options to make it easier to pay for your Twitter Blue subscription.

Elon Musk allays doubts, $8 per month for Twitter Blue

Corridor sounds synthesized inarticle from The Verge on October 31 sent a ripple through the entire Twitter ecosystem. There we learned about the goal of the new boss of the Californian companyto increase the price authentication of the account in the social network. If the initial price of the subscription to Twitter Blue was $ 4.99 per month, Musk intended to increase it to $ 20.

Finally, he changed his mind. He probably took into account the results of the survey conducted by Jason Calanis on Twitter on October 31. This mini-survey, in which 500,000 people participated, was able to identify the general world’s disinterest in a paid blue badge. Even Stephen King has promised to drop everything if a $20 subscription applies.

Therefore, the fear of a broken Twitter would have prompted the pro-crypto boss Tesla to revise his price down. So, on Tuesday, November 1, he posted this message:

Twitter Blue subscription is set at $8 per month

The current system of lords and peasants, with those who have the blue tick and those who don’t, is hell. Power to the people! Blue for $8 a month. »

Strike (STRK) seizes the opportunity to democratize cryptocurrencies

For Jack Mallers, CEO of Strike, this announcement i Musk is an opportunity to promote cryptocurrencies. In collaboration with Twitter since 2021Strike has already implemented support for bitcoin payments in the social network. To do this, he relies on Lightning Network.

Blue twitter subscription price review is an opportunity for him to remind the world of the existence of this alternative.

Strike – Twitter Account Certification Bitcoin Payment Proposal

My company (@Strike) has partnered with @Twitter to enable Lightning Tips. We even offer the option to settle these payments in USD, so there are no additional charges for @Twitter (settled and reported as a card payment). This can be done in a few days, since we are already in cooperation. »

Musk, already indulged Dogecoin, surely won’t find any disadvantages there. Provided that the developers of Twitter agree to other overtime to study this new parameter in relation to cryptocurrencies, as well as to compile it with the new obligations of the new CEO.

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