[PREVIEW] Requisition VR: A co-op game full of good ideas, but now abandoned

If you follow virtual reality gaming news, you may remember Requisition VR, a title that promised a mix between Left 4 Dead and MacGyver, in collaboration. As the video presentations progressed, he had managed to grab our attention thanks to his crafts that are both strange and deadly for our zombie friends. Far from cheating, these options bring freshness to the genre, but unfortunately this has not been enough to reach a critical mass of players so far.

Gender: DIY-Shooter VR | Developer: Arcadia | Publisher: Sphere room | Platform: steam | Recommended configuration: Intel Core i7-7700K / AMD Ryzen 7 1700X32 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 / AMD Radeon RX 5700 | Price: €18.79 | Languages: English | Early Access Release Date: 20/10/2022 | Longevity: 3 to 4 hours solo, much more if there were other players in the cage

Tested with a Meta Quest 2 headset on a Steam version provided by the publisher.

Despite the nickname, this fellow in trouble was very urbane.

Bricol’ Daughters of the Dead

Requisition VR puts you in the shoes of a survivor trying to reach a safe bunker. For this it will be necessary to survive on four maps (at the moment), completing the objectives. This could be to pull a can of gas to fill its tank, or to find a new tire. Some spawn waves of enemies that will need to be destroyed to progress. A horde mode is also available, which consists, as the name suggests, in fighting hordes of zombies. A break between each wave will allow you to find something to protect yourself. But the peculiarity of the game is that you are left with the choice of weapons. And when we talk about weapons, it’s really anything that can come to hand while browsing the level: a broom, a container, a shovel or even a stop sign. Well, on the other hand, the wooden spoon will still be less lethal than a good katana or axe. But you can also combine objects to make them more effective. All combinations are possible, because all you have to do is place two objects close to each other and surround them with tape. Sometimes it’s just crap, but other times it allows for more scope and even, when the developers have specifically planned for it, to deviate from core uses. For example, you can attach a small torch to a leaf blower to turn it into a flamethrower, or a phone to a hacksaw attached to a broom to turn it into a power axe. All weapons wear out, so you’ll need to switch frequently to complete levels. We are also allowed to create traps or bombs, using types of work tables, in which we must bring objects of different types (metal, plastic, chemical…). This mechanism is not without interest, but it is still quite restrictive and ultimately not very effective compared to a good baseball bat. On the other hand, it happens that we find weapons and ammunition by digging through drawers and cupboards: pistols, shotguns, assault rifles… the feel of the gun it is very good but the cartridges run out fast. All in all, it’s pretty fun to crack the skulls of the living dead that are looking to bite you.

Request VR 03
One of two crafting workshops, allowing the construction of traps

But where did I put my printer?

One of the main aspects of Requisition VR is the loot: on the map, there are one or two buildings that you have to explore to collect items. But realism doesn’t seem to be particularly central to developers’ concerns. Indeed, it will not be unusual to find a Kalashnikov in the small bathroom drawer, next to a can of red beans. What about that big printer sitting in a kitchen cabinet? Visually, they are in small spaces, shrinking in size to fit in that place, but once caught they return to normal size, sometimes getting stuck in furniture or the floor, preventing us from picking them up. In the same way, but this time without defects, any object, regardless of its volume, can be stored in your backpack and will only take up one place. We certainly won’t complain about it, for once it’s quite practical. What it is not, is the difficulty of catching or replacing his weapons in the quick entries in front of him. It acts like a holster or holster, but it’s an ordeal to use, even when there’s no emergency. So in the heat of the moment, with a zombie trying to eat your ear, you’ll soon be grabbing whatever crap is lying around rather than your trusty two-handed mace.

Request VR 02
A practical magical backpack for looting all kinds of useless objects

I am a legend

If the game is only fun for a few hours, we’d like to extend the adventure by sharing it with some other survivors. That’s great, we can play co-op! And it’s a real hit: there’s always something silly to do to have fun with complete strangers creating impossible weapons. The problem is that unless you start the game with a friend, it’s very unlikely that you’ll find partners online: at the time of writing this preview, the maximum number of players in the evening is about fifteen people. And again, that doesn’t mean “connected multiplayer”… One mode death match it’s also available, but due to lack of players, I never got to test it.

At Requisition VR, we don’t have players, but we do have ideas

Requisition VR brings really good and new ideas to VR shooters: combining everything you can find to make weapons. It works well and is kind of fun. The sometimes flawless controls deserve to be reworked further, and since it’s early access, we can expect an improvement in the future. On the other hand, since we can get tired of playing solo after three or four hours, the players leaving is a real problem if we want to take full advantage of the title, which is really nice with some people. We should be hoping for a big publicity stunt when the final version comes out in a few months. Meanwhile, if you have friends who are also equipped with virtual reality headsets, it might be worth it, especially since it’s available for less than €20, a pretty reasonable price for a VR game.

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