Partial return of internet and telephone in Beuvraignes

Private for several months, the residents of Beuvraignes see the situation improving little by little. However, a quarter of residents still face concerns.

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Calvary in beuvrains there is a sequel, but still no end. After internet and landline outages since the summer, caused by excessive cable wearit is a total interruption of the two services that the village suffered because of one double flight copper cables. Orange, responsible for network maintenance, promised work and a return to normality by the end of October.

25% of residents are still affected

The operator did not remain inactive. “I know that some works were carried out in the second half of October”, comments the mayor, Bernard Dupuis. These works have significantly improved the situation. “For three-quarters of the residents of the village, the situation has normalized, they have telephone and internet again”explains the aedile.

Mayor Christian Since (foreground) laments that 25% of Beuvraignois are still experiencing blackouts
Mayor Christian Since (foreground) laments that 25% of Beuvraignois are still experiencing blackouts

However, the problems are far, far from disappearing. “About a quarter of residents still complain, either of a total cut, or of a chainsaw service, alternating days with and days without.” continued the chief magistrate. He states that there is no response from the operator on this topic and that the steps taken by customers on their side do not lead to anything concrete. “People are starting to get really angry,” He says, especially since no commercial gesture has been made so far.

A theoretically classified file

At Orange, we admit to some bewilderment at these developments. “The final intervention was made last Monday. We replaced the last of the stolen cable by cannibalizing an unused cable. explains press officer Gautier Bezeau.“The file was closed for us” he continues. The persistence of concerns means, in the eyes of the operator, that each problematic line will need to be tested individually.“The mayor must take the numbers of every subscriber whose condition has not been normalized and send them to our liaison service with the local authorities.” concludes the press officer.

For possible commercial gestures, the latter informs that the file will be opened after the situation is completely normalized.“We will be able to clearly do the math, see who has had a service outage for how long and so advise with all the information at hand.” he announces. Beuvraignes file is not ready to close.

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