I swore. Challenge Academy, a company that fights against discrimination and radicalization

On October 10, Médéric Chapitaux was made a Knight of the National Order of Merit in the Ministry of National Education. Former gendarme, he was an executive in the Ministry of Sports, now a doctor in sociology.

The man has specialized over time in the prevention of radicalization in the world of sports. He has published in a special way Sport, a gap in the security of the state. Médéric Chapitaux launched his training company Challenges Academia in 2014.

Remote work for a long time

In Villette-lès-Arbois, where the company’s headquarters are located, we did not expect the health crisis to enter telework. “80% of our training courses are digitized,” he says. This trains educators in sports and preventing radicalization. In a context where every drama is taken up by political parties, the challenge is difficult to face. “Secularism is one of the most important pillars of society,” he says. of teachers are afraid to open certain topics, even more so with the murder of Samuel Pati. While education is the foundation of our Republic. »

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A game app and a movie that can be viewed in 360°

His company has developed digital tools for young people on the topic of secularism, discrimination, sexual violence and prevention of radicalization. The first is the application E-town which works on the cartoon principle Dora Explorer.

This is an interactive game where the character finds himself facing situations on the way to school. The second is Snapshot, a device that refers to the widely used application by young people, Snapchat, consisting of a phone and a virtual reality headset. The mobile phone is inserted into the helmet to watch the movie for several minutes in 360°.

It is the Challenges Academia team that develops the script and collaborates with other companies to develop the product. “These are educational tools,” recalls the business manager. The idea is to find ways to broadcast and rise to the level of young people. »

Open discussion with young people

The use of these tools is inseparable from the training of educators. Because they intend to open a debate space with young people. “It is something factual that opens the debate, he argues. You don’t arrive with a ready-made idea. There are often many disagreements. »

The virtual reality headset is intended for middle and high school students. This tool received the Skills Award from the Edtech Professional Training Awards. The Île-de-France regional council has already equipped secondary schools with these tools. “France is one of the rare countries where religion does not bother us. We have to explain to children what secularism is”, he insists. According to him, there is a lack of consistency in the implementation of the principles of the Republic among schools, sports federations and associations.

Médéric Chapitaux was decorated on October 10

Médéric Chapitaux knew in June that he was named a Knight of the National Order of Merit, in recognition of his 27 years of service. by decree of the President of the Republic. It was during a ceremony on October 10 at the Ministry of National Education that Alain Seksig, secretary general of the Council of Elders and honorary inspector of the academy, presented him with the medal.

“It is a real pleasure to be recognized by the Republic”, says the winner. However, it is up to the winner to organize his own ceremony. “It is up to the recipient to find the authority for awarding the medal,” he explains. It is also up to him to finance it. Médéric Chapitaux, of course, addressed the Council of Lay Elders, as he is a member of it.

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