This RED internet box is fully customizable

What if you create an online subscription box that looks just like you? This is what RED is implementing with its RED Box package. Thus, it is possible to shape your internet access according to your convenience and avoid paying more than you have to.

Paying for services you don’t use: here’s the problem for some online subscriptions loaded with options you can’t get rid of. And in this day and age when the smallest savings counts, it’s like throwing money down the drain.

An operator allows you to keep control of your expenses: RED. Indeed, its fiber offering is flexible, allowing one or more options to be turned on or off, such as feeding a 4K TV box, support for Wi-Fi 6 or unlimited calls to mobiles. At the moment, this last option is also offered, i.e. a saving of 5 euros per month.

Supplements which, if disabled, allow you to benefit from the fiber supply 23 euros per monthand without obligation.

Very high flow

The RED Box fiber offering does not skimp on the quality of its speed. This peaks at 1 Gb/s for download and 700 Mbit/s for upload. You are faced with a fast connection that allows you to download large files instantly. A 50GB game, for example, takes less than nine minutes to download completely. A good point if you don’t want to wait too long before playing your new AAA.

Although Wi-Fi 5 is fast and stable, it is possible to enjoy a Wi-Fi 6 connection, which is faster and has less lag. This network standard is billed with an additional 7 euros per month.

In case of doubt, it is quite possible to check its suitability directly from the RED by SFR website. You just need to provide your physical address or landline number for RED to tell you if you can get a fiber connection.

An optional 4K HDR TV box

Basically, the RED BOX fiber offering gives you access to 35 TV channels, which can only be viewed from your smartphone, tablet or computer via the RED TV app. A choice that allows those who don’t have a TV to avoid paying for a service they don’t use.

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of the small screen, a 4K HDR TV box can be made available. It’s also on sale as it costs €29 when you subscribe vs €60 at normal times. Not only will the channels be accessible directly from the TV, but you will also be able to record up to 8 hours of programs and use many Android applications, including those of SVoD services such as Netflix.

If 35 channels are not enough, the TV package can be increased to a total of 100 channels for an additional 3 euros per month.

Unlimited calls and no commitment

Another service offered: a telephone line. This allows you to make unlimited calls to landlines in France, foreign departments and more than 100 destinations abroad. There is also an opportunity to take advantage of unlimited calls to mobile phones in France and foreign departments. It is also offered at the moment, which represents a saving of 5 euros per month.

Bill 23 euros per month, the RED Box fiber package is optional. This means you can manage the duration of your subscription as you see fit.

Simplified installation

Switching operators is done with disturbing ease. All transfer procedures are taken care of by DAR, as well as any termination costs, up to 100 euros. It is possible to save the current line number by providing its RIO identifier when ordering.

Once an appointment is made with a technician, the delivery time for the new internet box and line installation is no more than one to two weeks. The installation of the new offer is done without the slightest interruption of Internet services.

This article was produced in collaboration with RED by SFR.

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