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Kamikaze Veggies, released on October 4, 2022 on Xbox, is the fourth effort from Polish developer and publisher Red Limb Studio, which dates back to 2016. Having dabbled in virtual reality horror games as well as the very closed genre of Super Smash Bros. -Like, the team returns with a game as political as it is explosive where we have to cross enemy lines and solve puzzles placed on our way to take down the Machiavellian Joseph Pomodorov, all with a limited number of lives. Is the €12.99 asking for five hours of gameplay a good investment?

Tonight pile of vomit, you’ll sleep with a gun

At the beginning of our game, we are greeted by a cinematic that tells us about the destruction of the Earth by humans during a final war, which leads to an unprecedented greenhouse effect, allowing plants to develop until they become the dominant species of the planet. Unfortunately the resulting heat is too high for the plants as well, creating famine and disease. The sun’s rays go so far as to drive some vegetables completely crazy. This is the case of Joseph Pomodorov, a tomato who creates an army of GMO vegetables of the same color to conquer the world. If we first see where Studio Red Limb is coming with these Reds representing the evil communists and the other plants representing the good (God Bless America), the tweezers are quickly abandoned and a spade is called a spade before half way through the game.

Captain Despotato! You don’t lack courage!

We try to immerse ourselves in the story, but we often wonder if what the title presents us tends towards the second or first degree in disguise. We quickly put all these considerations aside when we see our Captain Despotato potato, which is nothing more than a caricature of a high-ranking American soldier, ready to die for his country, as we often find in the best auteur films coming directly from the USA. .

Come on, we didn’t really start Kamikaze Veggies looking for a story that got us into the guts, and finally trying to get us into the stereotypical 80s action movie vibe is getting close.

Sacrifice yourself for the cause!

Bad surprise from the beginning: in the options, it is impossible for us to reverse the camera, unpleasant, but we do with it. On the other hand, subtitles are available in a dozen languages, including French. These parameters verified, we launch the first mission. As often, it’s actually a tutorial that teaches us the basics of the game. The basics are there: run, jump, hide. Throwing grenades and various objects to the corpses of our previously deceased compatriots is also part of the means of our vegetables.

A description sheet is available for each hero

At first, we only control Carrotado, who, aside from his final burst selected through an in-game “skills” wheel, has no special powers. But we quickly discover other vegetables with different attributes thanks to the stars unlocked by completing the objective of points located on each island. To do this, you need to kill enemies, find secrets and complete the final objective. We had no trouble getting 3 stars on every level given the excessive number of scoring items and the number of enemies that allow the score to increase.

Thus, we can form our team thanks to a system of points available at the beginning of each level. It is possible to get the same vegetable multiple times or choose different ones as long as you don’t exceed the set limit on each island. Among the eight heroes, four have an ability of their own. Double jumping, faster running, increased resistance to two hits instead of one before dying, or even flying before exploding are within our reach. Peas Brad Peas often represent the bulk of our bodies. He is the most agile character thanks to his double jump that allows us to reach almost every corner of the map. The other half of these characters are just a less powerful copy of the base heroes with a lifespan of sixty seconds before exploding. Their unique quality is that they cost significantly less, which allows us to fill out the team in order to accomplish short-term objectives, such as eliminating a threat without sacrificing one of our important hostages. Our brave vegetables each have only one life in reserve, if they all die, the mission starts all over again with the possibility of creating a new team. Before we get there, checkpoints scattered throughout the levels allow us not to start all over again by parachuting in with a new fighter, as long as we’re left in reserve.

Failure to have a pan

The first six islands we reach by flying the helicopter to the central hub of the game are relatively short and allow for quick sessions. On the other hand, from the seventh level, the latter is infinitely extended, and the puzzles, which for the most part are already low on the ceiling, become stupidly difficult and frankly uninteresting, to the point of achieving them by trying all possible combinations and not through reflection. The straw that broke the camel’s back is that as we search for the ending, we realize that we are missing one of the treasures that allows us to unlock an achievement, now unattainable, and we have to redo these famous puzzles for the ‘benefit’. No thanks. Worse, losing all his characters at the end of a level, due to a sudden increase in difficulty, makes us cringe at the thought of having to start all over again.

Nice as ratatouille?

Graphically, the game is extremely basic and lacks detail. We never stop to contemplate the scenery and some passages are just empty corridors, allowing you to go from one area to another. While it didn’t blow our minds, we still smiled thanks to the car’s cool overall design and some fun level design elements. What makes us laugh are the enemies. When we are being chased, the caricature music of the most famous Russian themes plays and the communist villains say “shoot us”. Similarly during our exploration stages, it’s not uncommon to hear a red pepper humming the game’s main theme.

Wow, this is very nice

Achievement hunters will discover a game that is not unpleasant to navigate and allows you to unlock all its rewards without any real hassle, simply by successfully completing the levels.

So we are in front of a rather amusing title, which, if you don’t want to take yourself seriously, gives you the impression that all this is just wrapping up a fairly direct criticism, which seemed very bad to us, but it does. make it a bad game?

Tested on Xbox Series X.

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