NFT Artpoint: turn the street into an art gallery

Digital wall skin – The growth of the NFT format is unprecedented. Surfing the waves, we have recently seen the emergence of a new genre of galleries, firmly turned towards Web3. Indeed, this disruptive expressive medium offers unprecedented possibilities that attract more and more artists and enlightened amateurs. In response, Artpoint aims to reinvent the creation and exhibition of works of art. For this, the project wants to remove NFTs from wallets to display them in the public space.

Le Journal du Coin brings you this promotional article in collaboration with Artpoint.

NFT, the new standard of artistic avant-garde

Although the subject now regularly feeds the columns of the general media, the technology that supports NFTs remains little known to the general public. A sector still in its infancy, which however in the eyes of some represents nothing less than the future of art. Thus, from collection to patronage through exhibition, these “immutable” signs create the possibility for a virtuous circle about creating digital content.

Reference platform Artpoint has participated in this democratization of digital art since 2019. A negotiated change in Web3 to explore this new dimension of art, its expression, enhancement and sharing. In effect, backed by unparalleled experience and digital know-howthe team has already collaborated with 250 artists from more than 40 countries, and has no intention of stopping there.

Many works are already waiting for you in Artpoint’s NFT online gallery

Art is shared, that’s all

One word: Bring NFTs to life! Indeed, although the trend is slowly changing, “Non-fungible Tokens” remain largely absent from the public space. These unique digital creations are still too often isolated and sent to personal wallets, restricted at best to strictly private use. Initiatives like Artpoint’s aim to bring these new artistic mediums into full light.

Thus, the ambition is to exhibit selected works by artists, relying on a network of partners. Purpose? Create art gallery 3.0, through private or corporate events, hotels, monuments, resorts, metaverse… With Artpoint, digital art gains its letters of nobility and finally spills over into all dimensions of public space.

Artpoint proposes to expose NFTs in different environments such as companies, public places, hotels and all spaces that want to participate in the web3 revolution.
Artpoint proposes the proliferation of NFTs in public space

Collectors at the heart of the Artpoint experience

To support this emancipation, the project wants to create a community of passionate and committed art lovers. By receiving NFT from Artpoint collections, collectors will be able to:

  • Get early access to artwork mints and reductions
  • Guests at events and openings
  • Participate in the curation of exhibitions, and meet the artists
  • Be at the forefront of this new wave by supporting innovative artists
  • Take advantage of discounts within the Artpoint partner network (hotels, spas, bars, etc.)
  • Participate in creating a community of collectors inspired by Web3

When it comes to art and NFT, be curious

The gallery already hosts 3,000 digital works on its platform, mixing whimsical universes, generative art and 3D design. But to further engage in this new artistic arrangement with Web3 determination, Artpoint is currently organizing the launch of its first domestic NFT collection. The works are the work of four emerging digital artists. They proudly represent Artpoint’s DNA and its vision for artistic creation. It Julie Lindh, David Szauder, Benjamin Bardou and Gael Corboz. NFTs can now be discovered on the gallery website. The price and quantity, specific to each work, will be announced in the coming days.

The works in Artpoint's NFT collection are produced by 4 renowned artists in the digital art ecosystem
Cabinet of Curiosities, Artpoint’s first NFT collection

Taking on the concept dating back to the Renaissance called the “cabinet of curiosities” , the four artists offer their sometimes surreal vision of the world through grand, even baroque imagery. A bridge between the shores of reality and imaginary worlds. An evocative, digital gateway that should be displayed for all to see, in as many places and contexts as possible.

In the same way as the 3000 works already present in the catalog of the start-up, these NFTs will benefit from quality exposure thanks to Artpoint’s network of partners. Thus, they will be exhibited in a preview within the Pullman Paris, the famous Parisian palace. In this regard, any buyer of an NFT with the stamp “The Cabinets of Imagined Worlds” will be able to take advantage of a 10% discount for a hotel night as well as a free cocktail. A nice excuse to take time to walk around thinking about this artistic expression of a new genre.

You will still need to arm yourself with patience and join the whitelist to get all the information about the fall. There is no doubt that with such initiatives, the community related to “crypto-art” continues to expand its ranks. An approach that can also help this sector move in the market by gaining notoriety. So, with Artpoint, get out of pixel animal “Gifs” on mobile. The true digital artistic revolution 3.0 will spread in full view, on every street corner.

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