Internet box. With its cheap fiber offering, Bouygues crushes the competition

For a few more days, it is possible to take advantage of the Bouygues Telecom Bbox Fit Fiber subscription at an extremely competitive price. This is the right time to step up a gear.

At the moment, Bouygues Telecom offers the best fiber internet offer on the market. Until November 6, Bbox Fit is only 15.99 euros per month for one year, a staggering discount of -48%. Beyond 12 months, the price increases to 30.99 euros. That being said, it is still very interesting as it allows you to save a good amount of €180 over the period.

To take advantage of this exceptional deal, two conditions must be met. First, you must qualify for fiber. You can check this point by visiting the Bouygues Telecom website. To do this, you must enter either your landline number or your address. The second condition is that you must commit to the ISP for a period of 12 months. Thanks to Bbox Fit, you will enjoy high performance.

To discover the offer on Bbox Must, it is here:

I benefit from Bbox Fit fiber for 15.99 euros

With special ultra-fast internet speed of 400 Mbit/s in sending and downloading. As we said, this offer is not intended to remain available online indefinitely as it ends this Sunday evening, November 6th. So there are only a few days left to enjoy it.

Bbox Fit: the cheapest fiber internet deal on the market

In fact, this fiber offer currently offered by Bouygues Telecom is the most affordable on the market. RED by SFR, for example, offers a Red Box subscription for 19 euros per month. That’s why it’s more expensive than this Bbox Fit deal. As mentioned earlier, you must verify that you are eligible for fiber and commit to 12 months.

For this contained price of 15.99 euros, Bbox Fit from Bouygues Telecom enables you to have one of the most efficient Internet offers on the market. Even if it remains basic compared to Bbox Must, it gets straight to the point. Thus we find speeds of 400 Mbit/s for download and 400 Mbit/s for sending. Enough to be able to surf, play, watch all your content with ease, without any slowdown or interruption, even when several devices connect to the Wifi network at the same time.

For more information on Bbox Fit is here:

I benefit from Bbox Must fiber for 15.99 euros

There are also unlimited calls to landlines in mainland France and more than 110 countries. So, yes, as we mentioned before, the subscription price is 30.99 euros per month.

That said, the savings made are definitely worth it, especially since it’s not every four mornings that it’s possible to have fiber at such a low price. In addition, when you subscribe to Bbox fit (or any other internet box from your ISP), Bouygues Telecom offers you a WiFi diagnosis to optimize your home network.

Bouygues Telecom on all fronts

In addition to this free Bbox Fit offer, Bouygues has two other formulas to meet the needs of as many users as possible. So, keeping this in mind, the ISP therefore offers Bbox Must and Bbox Ultym. A little more expensive, they also benefit from extraordinary discounts until November 6:

  • The box must: for 22.99 euros per month for one year (then 40.99 euros per month), with very high speed Fiber with 1 Gbit/s download and 700 Mbit/s upload, WiFi diagnostics, more than 180 TV channels, Bbox 4K TV decoder with 100 hours TV recorder and unlimited calls to landlines. and mobiles in mainland France and more than 110 countries.
  • Ultimate Box: 29.99 euros per month for one year (then €49.99 per month) for the latest generation of Fiber to WiFi 6 (2 Gbit/s download and 900 Mbit/s upload) and up to 2 WiFi repeaters included depending on the result of your diagnosis provided. You have 180 TV channels and a Bbox 4K TV decoder with a 100 hour TV recorder. Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France and more than 110 countries. As a bonus, 6 months offered on Spotify, Salto and Disney+. Free turnkey installation.

Like the Bbox Fit online subscription, the prices of these two fiber offerings are subject to a 12-month commitment period. From this point of view, Bouygues Telecom demonstrates total transparency with its customers. The price lists and their subscription terms are displayed on its official website.

Finally, if you come from another internet service provider, Bouygues Telecom undertakes to reimburse your termination costs up to 100 euros. This applies to all her Bboxes. Typically, these fees rarely exceed this amount. You will understand, you have everything to gain by choosing Bbox Fit from Bouygues Telecom.

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Discover the Bouygues Bbox range

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