How Dogecoin Made 1000 Millionaires – How Far Will Elon Musk’s Crypto Go?

Whether we rejoice or merely perceive the heartbreaking immaturity of the crypto sector, cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE) is experiencing spectacular growth, taking full advantage of the atmosphere and colossal punch and influence of Twitter’s newest owner, Elon Musk. While the billionaire managed to single-handedly (and without announcing anything official on the subject) explode the value of Dogecoin 120% in few days, The explosive growth of the cryptocurrency has benefited thousands of investors, with some suddenly becoming millionaires.

Shiba and us

who still remembers Dogecoin was launched as a schoolboy joke, by one forking e Litecoincoded in 4 hours, just for lol in 2013?

8 years later, and thanks to a free worldwide communication campaign organized by Twitter at the top Elon Musk, capitalization of Doge it is currently approaching $20 billionafter a meteoric rise in recent days, now boasting the 8th-ranked asset in the market, hot on the heels of stablecoin BUSD.

Take a good look at this picture: dogecoin now weighs as much as Solana and Polygon combined.

Not bad for a “token-meme”, a crypto-asset whose only formal added value is the crystallisation of a strong community engagement around its amazing charisma of the smiling Shiba.

Fun fact by the way, it’s called the “genesis” Shiba Nightmare and today he celebrates his 17th birthday, we kiss him on the nose.

But for some, this is now very serious. Indeed, many Dogecoin investors have recently seen the value of their wallets explode. A phenomenon all the more remarkable as it occurs amid lean times in the crypto markets.

There are therefore more than 1000 people who are already part of the “Dogecoin Millionaires” club in recent days.

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millionaire SlumDOGE

As a preliminary, of course we will remember that 1 portfolio does not necessarily equal 1 individual. Indeed, a single person may very well have several wallets, immediately distorting any attempt to accurately map the true distribution of an asset.

However, the last consultation dates about Dogecoin tells us the size of the increase in the total value (in dollars) of dogecoin holders.

This table shows us that more than 1020 wallets contain more than one million dollars in DOGE (including 160 that are even beyond 10 million).

It should be noted in passing that in the abundant fictitious decentralization country, 10 addresses are kept more than 50% of supply (and the value of Dogecoin), the most reserved address centered on itself 28% of all dogecoins ($5.3 billion). All in a world where we care bitcoin lost by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Surprise (not really), this mega-whale is none other than Robinhood platform wallet who must have become particularly Musk-maximalist lately.

And you? Are you a dogecoin holder and maybe even a new millionaire? If so, don’t forget to secure your earnings. Indeed, even the most mischievous Shiba Inu will end up going back to the basket at some point. If that doesn’t happen, it might be time to discover Dogecoin and its little buddies on the go create a Binance accountBitcoin reference and crypto exchange (trade link).

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