Gendarmes come into play

League of Legends, Call of Duty, Valorant, World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic… If those names mean nothing to you, then you are not one. A What? or gamer sure! These video game titles are truly among the great classics and the most popular of the moment. But even if you yourself are not one gamer, you should know about it. Within your family, in your circle of friends, and of course in your professional environment. The gendarmerie, which has a certain number in its ranks, is no exception gamers.

Captain Océane, currently assigned to the Transformation Service of the General Directorate of the National Gendarmerie, fell into it when she was young. ” I see my father and his friends playing Age of Empires, she smiles. We had to install all the computers in the garage. Like many of her classmates, as soon as she has free time, she takes off her uniform to passionately immerse herself in these imaginary worlds.

“People whoI own the codes”

With the proposal of the Information and Public Relations Service of the Armed Forces – Gendarmerie (SIRPA-G), Oceane and other gendarmes gamers will be present at Paris Games Week (PGW), the largest French video game fair, from November 2 to 6. ” It seemed clear that the gendarmerie had to be represented there by people who had the codes. We had been wanting to do something together for two or three years and we used this show to start the movement. Since the principle of the presence of the gendarmerie hasor Paris Games Week confirmed by director general Army General Christian Rodriguez, himself a video game lover, we soon vein in order of battle, very skilfully. »

The first objective was to identify the players within the gendarmerie and to federate them around the project. This new community, which was baptized Gend game, now has around thirty members, but continues to grow, thanks to good old word of mouth. ” We meet on Discord messages to exchange, get to know each other and play together of course. It’s basically a virtual date for now, but why not meet up IRL soon1 ! »

The objective of this community is also to form small groups of gamers, according to the preference of the game, with a homogeneous level, even ideally a trainer. ” Some gendarmes already have a very good individual levelrejoice Oceane, but vs.some games are inherently collective, such as League of Legendsand others feature single-player adventures and content specific to player groups (such as MMOs2), asking you to assemble a team to defeat “bosses”3 ! Next, we could imagine challenging teams from other administrations, like our comrades from other branches of the military. Even – let’s go crazy – have an e-sports team from the gendarmerie, like we have a rugby, basketball, volleyball team… »

Sport or no sport, games ? The eternal debate on which the captain takes a stand: ” U.S. too gamers, the answer is not unanimous. In my opinion, this undoubtedly mobilizes the cognitive and physical skills that make it a true sporting activity. This requires a healthy lifestyle, good condition, strong focus, adaptability, a taste for effort and challenge, a collective spirit… and for team or department leaders, real managerial qualities. Photo of gamer the man who never moves from his seat and only eats chips and soda is a totally worn out cliché! »

“Come as you areyou are! »

The world of video games offers tremendous opportunities for organizations, private and public, especially in terms of communication, recruitment and training. This is what is called, in a somewhat barbaric language, “gamification of processes”. ” It means, simply, the fact of using video game cheats to reveal skills, develop them or convey a message, describes the Ocean. The video game is also a specific universe within cyberspace4, which deserves special consideration. For the gendarmerie, this can also be a means to fulfill its mission of proximity and prevention. Reaching out to people means going where they are, and more and more of them are evolving into the world of video games. Tomorrow there will probably be “safe zones” in virtual reality.s » Gendarmerie and gendarme patrols, with avatars that you said gamers will be able to meet and ask, on any topic, to evoke situations of suffering, problems of violence, cyberbullying… »

At Paris Games Week, the virtual reality beam of the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) will also be introduced, with the aim of providing an immersive experience for visitors. Simulation training is one of the many potential applications of video games. The Gendarmerie has also set up a specific department dedicated to digital training engineering, with a program director dedicated to simulation4.

The presence of the gendarmerie at the Paris Games Week fulfills several objectives, summarizes Captain Océane: come into contact with gamers and broadcast preventive messages to them, both in the real world and in the virtual one, because these two worlds have their potential victims, but also to show that with more than 300 professions, we have perspectives to offer to them and that “One and the same flame animates us”. This is a message addressed to all those who are a little gecko and who would hesitate to enter the national gendarmerie: ccome how are you! »

1 In real life (in real life)

2 Massively multiplayer online

3 The most imposing opponent, more powerful and more dangerous than the usual enemies, often encountered at the end of the level or at certain difficulty levels of the game.

4 In 2021, the gendarmerie created ComCyberGend (Cyberspace Gendarmerie Command), armed with specialized personnel and resources.

5 Look the CESCO projectconducted at the School of National Gendarmerie Officers.

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Paris Games Week, from November 2 to 6, at the Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles, in Paris. More information at:

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