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Updated on October 31, 2022 at 14:15.

BLRD, a subsidiary of Japanese gaming house and online media company GREE, and Ava Labs, the software company that offers a SUPPORTING to blockchain avalanche and its ecosystem, have formed a strategic partnership aimed at accelerating BLRD’s growth in the gaming space blockchainas it plans to launch its first game Web3 in the year 2023.

Avalanche signs a partnership with Japanese gaming group GREE

BLRD, an entity of Japanese video game giant GREE, aims to make its gaming debut. Web3including game development and distribution in avalanchethey NFTrunning validators and investing in third-party games.

GREE now operates more than one dozens of validators avalanche as part of its projects greater participation in the primary network avalanche and gaming subnets.

She also holds the mark avalanche, AVAXmarking a milestone for a Japanese listed company.

Tweet about the partnership between Avalanche and Gree
Tweet about the partnership between avalanche and Greece.

BLRD has been a leader in gaming for decades. In particular, it launched the first social mobile game, Fishing Star, in 2007, forged partnerships with big names in video games and claims nearly 30 million monthly active users on its games.

Ava Labs will help drive BLRD’s growth in gaming blockchainproviding technical, marketing, business and ecosystem support.

avalanche was launched in September 2020, being inaugurated a new era for blockchains with near-instant transaction completion.

Mother’s sign e blockchain avalanche, AVAXexperienced very strong growth immediately after its launch before suffering a market downturn cryptocurrencies.

today, avalanche support over 500 dApplications and provides billions dollars valuablewhile having a minimal environmental impact.

Towards a web3 giant on blockchain Avalanche?

GREE has over a decade of experience building high-engagement Web2 games, including work on a number of popular games, including Naruto and several mobile versions of Final Fantasy.

BLRD plans to make a massive entry into gaming Web3, in particular developing and distributing games in avalancheof NFToperating authenticators and investing in third-party games.

Additionally, BLRD plans to collaborate with Ava Labs and the Foundation avalanche in other projects, including joint ventures with Blizzardavalanche fund.

Ed Chang, Head of Games at Ava Labs, said: “We are excited that they are building on the Game Channel avalanche and that they join forces to ensure an even brighter future. Ava Labs has all the tools needed to help GREE become a gaming powerhouse Web3. »

“I am excited from the network potential avalanche and its ecosystemsaid Eiji Araki, director of BLRD.

“We will deliver a brand new game that will be enjoyed by players for many years to come, just like we have in web2 games. »

The first game Web3 DEGREES therefore it is scheduled to be released in 2023. Therefore, this partnership can be interesting for the development of both companies.

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