A record for the sale of the first NFT collection of actor Anthony Hopkins

of The Oscar-winning actor’s first NFT collection Anthony Hopkins passed in less than seven minutes according to statements from the NFT market The open sea and this, despite a technical problem related to strong demand that delayed the start of the decline. baptized”The Lifetime Collection“, the set consists of a series of 1,000 works representing images or animations inspired by the prolific career of one of Hollywood’s legends.

Source: Orange Comet

The pieces in this collection are based on the 10 archetypes the actor has embodied throughout his career: Rebel, Jester, Lover, Ruler, Explorer, Sage, Hero, Helper, Creator, Wizard. of MEETING is the result of a collaboration between Hopkins and Orange Comet Inc.a Los Angeles-based NFT and Web3 design agency that counts among its co-founders Hollywood producer Dave Broomeformer NFL player Kurt Warner and musicians Gloria AND Emilio Estefan.

Additionally, buyers of one of the NFTs in the collection will be able to claim a certain number of outstanding advantages. Buyers of one of the 10 exclusive NFTs in the collection will have the opportunity to speak with Hopkins during a Zoom chat and will also receive an autographed copy of his Dreamscapes artwork, which offers an intimate and privileged look at his work. art, poetry and music. For holders of the remaining 990 tokens in the collection, 39 randomly selected buyers will receive an autographed copy of Dreamscapes, 5 of them can join a Zoom chat with the actor, and 100 will receive a personalized message from Hopkins at their portfolio.

Hopkins’ enthusiasm for new artistic mediums

Hopkins is one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed actors and has won two Best Actor Oscars, one for his portrayal of Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs and the other for his lead role in Florian Zeller, “Father”. In addition to his film career, the actor also expresses his creative and artistic inclination in painting. Hopkins claims to have started painting in the late 1940s and his first exhibition was held in 2015 at the Independent Art Gallery. International Map Galleries in Hawaii. Since then, his works have been exhibited in London, New York, Edinburgh and Las Vegas, these mainly feature portraits and semi-abstract landscapes that were inspired by the French Cubist. Francis Picabia and the English painter Lucian Freud.

During an online press conference, Hopkins had stated that NFTs are a blank canvas for artistic creation in a new format. He also added that the metaverse “offers an incredible opportunity to connect with an audience in a completely different way,” noting that age is no barrier to experimenting with these new mediums:

“I’m probably the oldest in the NFT community and on social media, which proves that anything is possible at any age.”

The success of this launch seems to have surprised even Hopkins himself, who did not fail to thank the NFT community for his participation.

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