Why create an immersive communication experience?

A festive digital animation for L’Occitane en Provence by WANDS Paris

An immersive brand experience presents an enriched environment that encourages the target to use their senses, feel involved and interact. Immersive experience now takes several forms in the communication strategy of brands and in the creation of appropriate content – transformed physical space that invites you to enter the universe of the brand, augmented space and experience using virtual or 3D reality, holograms or light projections, play zones, customization offers, etc. Brand content is therefore intended to be attractive, differentiating and emotional. The WANDS Paris agency develops innovative approaches and provides the best technologies to implement them.

The end of the year marks a key period for brands to differentiate themselves. Brand L’Occitane in Provence asked the WANDS agency to reflect in an international digital immersive concept and experience about their flagship product of the festive season – the advent calendar. This example highlights the reasons why immersion is essential to meet marketing objectives.

The benefits of an immersive brand experience

Submerging it and placing it in a multi-channel rig makes it possible to amplify several brand goals : to memorizing by the audience whose cognitive aspect is sought; commitment which also goes into the affective aspect of the experience; of fame brand growth that delivers an experience to share; AND differentiation, from an experience that differs from ordinary communication. or survey specifies that 61% of consumers would be more likely to buy from a brand that uses immersive technology, such as augmented or virtual reality and 3D content.

Thus, for L’Occitane, some specific objectives were defined upstream of the project and made possible the development of functionalities: accessibility of experience which aims to be user-friendly and mobile-friendly; of conversion encouraging purchases of gift products and advent calendars; the incitement of traffic and engagement ; and finally, the possibility of being able collect KPIs. Therefore, the developed concept fulfills these objectives, bringing surprise and fun.

Combining performance, technology and creativity

The approach of the WANDS agency begins with the exploration of the universe of the L’Occitane en Provence brand, which is rich, authentic, colorful and dedicated. or the study of brand values and the theme of the year – artisans of nature – as well as a reinterpreting the illustrative and chromatic universe came up with a global concept about holidays. The ambition is to immerse the audience in the brand’s enchanted universe through three digital activations that fit together on the e-commerce site. WANDS worked on the art direction, design and development of a landing page immersion whose primary objective is conversion. It’s not just about highlighting advent calendars in a comprehensive layout and offering direct add-to-cart, but also explaining their features and differences, their value propositions. of the customer journey is optimized to define a short path to purchase. Finally, a module invites you to discover other products. This animation is embedded in the e-commerce site in HTML or iframe, like a charmed bracket.

The second animation is about a virtual advent calendar, whose goal is to increase traffic, conversion and engagement in more than 25 markets. The agency imagined 3D staging with a fir tree in the shape of cubes, rotating on a base and using visual elements from the Christmas campaign. Each day, the box opens with a click to reveal an offer, maintaining the suspense of the reveal for the audience. A form allows at the beginning of the experiment to collect data and receive offers in their mailbox. Like the first animation, this experience is entirely customizable from each country, in terms of images, text, links and email layout. A communication plan accompanies this animation to reveal the virtual advent calendar in 3D.

Finally, the third animation is more experimental and allows the audience to be more involved by providing a Gift finder – a question and answer experience to find the perfect gift. Originality lies in the formatting of the experience that takes the artistic direction of the overall concept, and a 3d box that comes alive at every step. After answering a few questions, the box opens with a burst of ribbons, causing surprise, before revealing a gift hint.

The challenges of the brand were numerous for the development of these digital animations: the importance of immersion in the universe of the brand, of the story, of adaptation to the e-commerce sites of each market, of a UI and UX, highlighting the USPs (unique proposition sales) and considering a large number of markets.

An experience spread internationally

In addition to artistic design, creating 3D content, adapting a simplified user journey, immersing in the brand universe, developing animations, there is a criterion for the project developed for L’Occitane en Provence. : international dimension animations to guarantee the holistic aspect of the brand and to allow local adaptation from several countries. Indeed, each experience is customizable by markets which can change text, and therefore languages ​​(including Arabic or Mandarin for example), views, links, layout. Customization is available to users of the brand through a custom back office. In addition, user management is provided by an administrator who manages the different levels of access. Audience data can be safely downloaded from any market. For an optimal operation, the integration of Google Analytics in the backoffice allows to have a monitoring and analysis animations and to report relevant KPIs, such as number of clicks, duration of sessions, bounce rate, etc. The technology is at the service of an innovative and immersive approach to a universe that participates in the miracle of hearing.

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