Tips and tricks for renting an apartment online

Renting an apartment generates significant additional income. However, you should arm yourself with courage, because it is a particularly stressful stage. It is not only necessary to publish an advertisement, but also to take care of the careful selection of the future tenant. Here are some tips and tricks for renting an apartment.

Registration on a specialized platform

Registering on a specialized platform is essential to find potential tenants. Of course, you will need to carefully choose the platform on which you want to register your accommodation. For example, for one apartment for rent Saint Pierre reunion, it is better to choose an established market in the country. The big advantage is that all these platforms have a very powerful search filter that allows you to search for a property in seconds. Registration is often free and posting an ad usually only takes a few minutes.

Visual presentation of your home

The visual appearance of your home is essential to attracting potential tenants. Pay attention to the first image because it is what the user sees when searching in the price comparison. It is therefore important to optimize it by following some basic rules.

It is best to photograph the apartment in the middle of the day to optimize the lighting, which means that it is better to adjust the exposure of the rooms to get the perfect shot angle during the photo sessions.

However, it is essential that the photograph faithfully reflects the actual condition of the accommodation. It is therefore important that these photos were taken recently.

The photos should also respect your rental choice: furnished or unfurnished. For an empty apartment, it is not possible to photograph it with all the tenant’s furniture.

Using the camera’s flash significantly compromises the quality of the photos. The result is often disappointing with a flash.

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A 360° photo: a very effective technical solution!

360° photography is a technique for montage of panoramic photos. This technique is particularly innovative. It simply consists of creating a 360° video by combining several panoramic photos together to reproduce a 3D vision of a room in a house.

With a specialized application, it is thus possible to move in 3D in the accommodation without moving from your sofa. It is quite practical for renting accommodation as it simply avoids you having to travel to show the accommodation.

It is possible to create panoramic photos with all the latest phone devices, including iPhone or Samsung. However, it is advisable to use a high performance camera to get better quality photos.

Optimizing your rental ad

The rental form should provide a detailed description of your accommodation. The description must of course reflect the current condition of your accommodation. In particular, you should include the number of rooms, the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, the total living area, the area of ​​each room.

Of course, the description should make visitors want to rent your accommodation. Therefore it is necessary to highlight all the advantages of this. For example, if your apartment is well insulated thermally, this is obviously a distinct advantage and therefore you will need to include this information in the rental advertisement.

Therefore, rental advertising can highlight the following advantages:

  • the quality of thermal insulation
  • sound insulation quality
  • Recent renovation: parquet, roof, entrance doors, bathroom

Emphasizing the elements of communication (phone, email, social networks) is essential to optimize the performance of your rental ad.

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Boost your ad with catchy keywords!

Some specialized real estate platforms rank real estate ads by relevance. To appear in certain queries, then it is necessary to optimize the content of the text of its advertisement by integrating in particular several keywords: rent, apartment, Reunion IslandSaint Paul…

Keyword optimization is also an essential marketing technique to increase the performance of your ad. It is important to include catchy keywords in your real estate ad.

Social networks to sell your house

Posting your rental ad on social media is a must. Sometimes there are discussion groups specialized in a very specific area, for example: rental properties in the municipality of Saint Pierre in the department of Réunion. It is then possible (subject to conditions) to publish your real estate ad in the discussion group in order to attract people looking for rent.

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