Lagny: helping young people find their way, the current challenge of the local mission

The Loops of the Marne Local Mission team, in Lagny-sur-Marne, complete. ©Local Mission

On October 7, 2022, the local missions celebrated their 40th anniversary. That of the Boucles de la Marne, which covers the two agglomerations of the Marne and Gondoire and the Val d’Europe, located in Lagny-sur-Marnewas no exception.

A small evening was organized on the premises, allowing elected officials, companies and young people to talk to each other. For Maria Ferreira, director of the local mission, the problems of young people are very absent from the public debate. “We don’t listen to them enough when they represent our future. They ask themselves a lot of questions and that’s normal! We live in an uncertain world.

1000’s of new youth are welcomed each year

Local missions are responsible for welcoming young people aged 16 to 25 who encounter difficulties in their social or professional integration.

Director for 4 years, Maria Ferreira has little perspective on the activity of the local mission.

We have an average of 1000 young people in the first reception every year and in 2021 we managed to find an activity solution for 1018 young people.

Maria Ferreira, director of the local mission Les Boucles de la Marne

A stable average, but perhaps not from lack of need, but from ignorance of the existence of local missions, even 40 years after their creation.

Local mission, not well known enough

An ardent defender of the role of local missions, the director condemns it ignorance from these places of reception, information, professional guidance reserved for young people aged 16 to 25 and created in 1982 : “Out of curiosity, I went to a job fair in Montévrain to discuss with parents. They don’t even know what it is! »

The sentiment is shared by Manon, a counselor for employment and work studies: “Recently I was talking to a teacher who didn’t know what it was. We are not well known, it’s a pity. We would like to intervene in colleges for example”, adds his colleague Stéphanie.

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Unaccompanied minors and young graduates

However, their role is increasingly important, the director believes. In Lagny-sur-Marne, it still takes a lot unaccompanied minorswhich are sent by associations, a part of school dropoutsbut not only.

“Even now I helped a young Romanian girl whom we are monitoring with a 15 euro food voucher for the weekend. We follow him and sometimes you have to face an emergency, you can’t leave him without anything. But today we have more and more young graduates who are disillusioned or who are looking for a job with more meaning. »

“Young people are lost”

The psychological state of young people worries the teams. Since Covid, a psychologist happens every 15 days. “Young people are lost,” Stéphanie and Manon, employment and work studies advisers, agree in unison. “The local mission takes care of the integration, the means of transport, the accommodation, all the situations and sometimes they are very complicated. Even if we specialize in employment, we hear them and they are not doing well,” adds Stéphanie.

They have a lot of dark thoughts, sometimes we get alarming emails that suggest suicide. So we respond but we are not trained for this type of situation. Hence the presence of the psychologist.

Manon, employment and studies advisor

The “everything, instantly” generation

However, young people they want to work, provides the local mission team. “The value of work is still there. They want to live and know that money is essential. But they also want recognition and fulfillment. Otherwise how can you blame those who are only looking for a paycheck? », analyzes Maria Ferreira.

That doesn’t stop advisors from finding them selectively. “They come in saying they’ll take any job, but when you dig in, the hours, the wages aren’t right… However, you have to start somewhere,” sums up Stéphanie.

“It’s the generation altogether, immediately. It must be said that with networks, it makes influencers dream when the reality of work is very different”, Manon adds. “They want to move very quickly and resign after a month when they don’t like it,” adds Priyan Kharthikeyan, a consultant and head of corporate relations.

Find sources of motivation

He explains that for advisers, these mistakes are not easy to manage: “We have to feel their motivation and they have to pass it on to the companies. When we make elections and they don’t come or resign quickly, it ruins everything. However, he assures that companies They are ready for training young people recruited if they don’t have the right degrees, provided they “feel their motivation”.

However, counselors are not, not desperate, away from her. There are many ways to get the “desire to want” back. “It is a delicate mission, but there are such things virtual reality headset which allow them to project themselves and once again, companies make an effort, this can match,” believes Priyan Kharthikeyan.

Listening to them, for this reason it is almost impossible for young people to answer the call of companies. Provided that there is hearing, from both sides. “They don’t have our codes and we don’t have theirs, but if everyone listens to each other, we understand each other,” concludes Maria Ferreira.

What future for local missions?

Risk or opportunity, local missions are thoroughly concerned by the reform which aims to create a one-stop shop, physical and digital, for job seekers, young and old. This is the Government’s major project: France Travail. At this moment, the first consultations and working groups have begun, before experiments are carried out with the aim of taking off at the beginning of 2024. On the ground, the local mission of Boucles de the Marne oscillates between concern and hope. “We wait to see, start Maria Ferreira, the director. But local missions need resources. The communities do not have expandable finances and inflation will weigh on the budgets, so it is up to the state to give us the means to help our youth, “calls Maria Ferreira. Will there be more resources for local missions when the state will have to fund his counter? For Priyan Kharthikeyan, counselor, the idea of ​​a one-stop shop is interesting. “Like we said, local missions are unknown. If this can make it easier for young people to find this help, that’s one thing good”. Now as a counselor, he himself has addressed the newest local mission and is in favor of a greater contractualization between the young man and his counselor. “It is not about imposition, but about having a real contract of engagement .For all those who are motivated, it works”.

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