Trading: KCGI 2022 on the horizon, 100 BTC in play!

Leading cryptocurrency platform Bitget has announced details and rewards for the Fall 2022 event: The King’s Cup Global Invitational (“KCGI”). This is the next global crypto futures trading competition. This will be Bitget’s third KCGI edition. With the Qatar 2022 World Cup taking place in the same period, the tournament will be football themed. Participants will compete for a prize pool of up to 100 BTC and can receive popular fan tokens. They will also have a chance to win a signed jersey of the famous soccer star Leo Messi.

Registration for the new edition of KCGI opened on October 28. This year, Team Battle is closely tied to the World Cup theme in terms of the schedule and tiered reward system. Two new reward modes will also be introduced: invitational competition rewards players for the number of referrals they bring to the contest, and individual competition allows participants to earn “soccer points” which can be exchanged for mystery token boxes.

In addition to Team Battle, KCGI players will have many opportunities to form teams, trade and win a host of prizes.

Bitget announced it recently partnership with Leo Messi, the legendary Argentine soccer player. The company wants to offer Messi fans a unique opportunity to explore the world of Web3 and crypto, getting closer to the football star. Along with the above trophies and prizes, KCGI winners will have the opportunity to receive a signed Messi shirt.

Launched in 2021, the KCGI has seen great traction in the last two races, drawing over 12,000 participants. The most recent KCGI Spring Competition, KCGI 2022: The Throne Calls, concluded with a total participation of 4,754 trading enthusiasts from around the world.

Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, comments:

“We are pleased to see that KCGI has already become one of the most coveted events in our community and in our industry. The overwhelming response from the dealers and the excellent performance of the winners prompted us to take the tournament a step further. We have optimized the competition system with more options for different types of traders and a new theme for the global football mega event. It’s not just about investing, it’s also about fun. It is part of our ethos to expand the world of Web 3 to every continent and every walk of life Our partnerships with sports legends reflect our philosophy that the best business and the best life are a symbiosis Bitget’s social tour and the next global of the Trade Initiative, KCGI, are naturally synergistic. »

“The launch of KCGI this season also coincides with the integration of our new feature, ‘Bitget Insights,’ which helps provide insights and information about crypto trading in a format suitable for social media – no shilling, spam or misinformation. We encourage KCGI players, in addition to all users of our platform, to use Bitget Insights to find smarter trades or technical analysis that can give them an edge over their competitors. quite harsh. »

For more information on the KCGI Fall 2022 event from buttsyou can go to Web page of society.

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