SCP Foundation: Do you know this collaborative artwork that marked the internet?

news culture SCP Foundation: Do you know this collaborative artwork that marked the internet?

Imagine that many paranormal entities and phenomena exist, but a secret organization prevents us from seeing them. The SCP Foundation is a colossal collaborative fiction where any internet user can propose a story in the form of a report or a tale. A look back at this work of fiction, which remains a great source of inspiration for many creative people.

What is the SCP Foundation?

According to legend, the SCP Foundation is a secret organization that is responsible for concealing supernatural phenomena that may occur in the world and in our daily lives. The term SCP means in French “Secure, Contain, Protect”. The foundation secures the population by capturing potentially dangerous phenomena that act “contrary to natural laws”. Hiding their existence avoids a collective panic effect, leaving citizens to go about their lives in peace. Therefore, agents of this organization are responsible for recovering these anomalies, then transporting them to a safe and confidential location. Many researchers study what they call “SCP objects” in order to understand their enigmatic workings in order to use them for the scientific advancement of mankind. If the anomaly is too dangerous, it will be neutralized after finding the necessary means to carry out this execution.

SCP objects (sometimes simply called SCPs) are living beings, objects, or places. In the latter case, it is quite understandable that transport is not possible. Thus, secret agents work to protect the area from bystanders by administering, if necessary, a drug that erases their memory.. SCP objects are classified according to their dangerousness. category “sure” contains anomalies whose properties are all known and under control. They said the objects “Euclid” are not well known to the organization and therefore present a risk of breaking the constraint to which they are subject. A newly discovered anomaly automatically finds its place in this category before being subjected to further analysis. The category with the last name “Kether” it is the most dangerous because the organization’s knowledge is not sufficient to contain the anomaly. The Foundation’s intensive research helps invent the procedures necessary to maintain control over Keter-class objects. There are other classifications such as secondary and esoteric, but the ones mentioned above are the main ones.

A collaborative mass fiction

It was in 2007 that the first SCP (SCP-173) was posted on the anonymous forum 4chan, on the paranormal board “/x/”. The user describes the procedure to follow to contain a scary statue that moves and can attack an individual who is not looking at it. This anomaly works similarly to the Weeping Angels in the science fiction series Doctor Who. The 4chan post was partially criticized by netizens, but others contributed to the writing and development of the universe using the same description style as for SCP-173. A community soon formed, which spawned a Wiki and then an official site. Any person can contribute to the writing of an anomaly or mark new proposals of Internet users.

The SCP Foundation is a true catalyst for the creativity of Internet users. They can be expressed in various forms such as SCP reports or stories describing the history of the secret organization. Therefore, they can imagine how the phenomenon works by describing the observations of scientists and their difficulties in controlling it, as well as how it was found and the number of victims. Reports are not only descriptive, they may contain a transcript of, for example, an exchange between the anomaly and the scientists. Images can embellish reports and other documents to add credibility to that story. In addition to the ability to choose the form of writing, Internet users are not limited to a certain genre either. Although initially the first edition, SCP-173 was a creep, the SCP Foundation is not limited to horror. It combines a large number of stories that simply lean towards science fiction with a tone that can be very humorous at times.

Image of SCP-173

SCP Foundation: Do you know this collaborative artwork that marked the internet?

The SCP Foundation has been around for over ten years and it can be seen that several works have been inspired by it. There are short films and also a video game with the name control whose developers did not hide the influence of the secret organization. Many titles are set in the SCP universe and are made by fans such as SCP: Pandemic Where
SCP: Secret Laboratory.

Selection of different SCPs

SCP Foundation: Do you know this collaborative artwork that marked the internet?

Like Euclid, SCP 087 is simply an unlit staircase that seems to descend endlessly. When exploring SCP-087, you will almost always see SCP-087-1, a face without a pupil, mouth, and nostrils. People who have seen SCP-087-1 have experienced great anxiety and a strong sense of paranoia. Upon approaching the face, many subjects ran away screaming. Many of them have fainted during the escape, due to excessive adrenaline.

SCP Foundation: Do you know this collaborative artwork that marked the internet?

SCP-354 is a red lake in Canada where many creatures appear. They are particularly harsh, which classifies SCP-354 in the Keter category. The appearances are notably different, the first “SCP-354-1” looked like some kind of giant bat, SCP-354-3 was a sphere that emitted radiation, and the others are for example humanoid or feline forms. . An area has been set up around SCP-354 to neutralize hostile creatures and conduct research.

SCP Foundation: Do you know this collaborative artwork that marked the internet?

SCP-294 is a coffee machine like no other. Equipped with a keyboard, you can request any drink after entering the necessary change. Classic drinks can be taken, but also inaccessible liquids such as liquid glass and molten metal, which miraculously do not dissolve the paper cup.

SCP Foundation: Do you know this collaborative artwork that marked the internet?

Rated as “Safe”, SCP-504 is a perfectly normal looking tomato with one exception. When they “hear” a bad joke near them, in a radius of several meters, they are projected to the transmitter of this joke. The worse the joke, the faster the tomato hits the target. This can lead to people falling and seriously injuring them. Tomatoes seem to prefer certain types of pranks over others, which indicates a distinct form of intelligence.

SCP Foundation: Do you know this collaborative artwork that marked the internet?

Here, it’s a humanoid who dresses up as a medieval plague doctor and defines himself as such. He seeks to kill all individuals affected by what he calls “The Plague”. He is able to eliminate anyone by coming into physical contact with that person. The corpses of innocent people he killed can be resurrected by him. They are then called SCP-049-2 and are simply a type of soulless zombie that he considers finally cured.

Of course, we could spend a considerable amount of time listing all the most notable SCP reports. There are thousands of writings related to this fictitious secret organization, some of them unknown, but nevertheless they are true treasures of creativity. Even if it’s a cooperative fiction that’s getting old, losing in different relationships is still just as enjoyable. You can go to official wiki which has a French version since 2012. Currently, there is officially a community in 16 different languages. This collaborative fiction has far transcended language barriers, allowing many Internet users to participate.

Do you have a favorite SCP?

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