Poissy. Fire in a gasoline-filled telecommunications room causes a major Internet outage

Technicians from various operators affected by the fire arrive to look at the damage. (©78news)

It is a concern that professionals and individuals alike have in the Poissy sector (Yvelines) it would have gone well.

to 6:47 a.m. Sunday, October 30firefighters have been called to a rubbish fire in a residential area in Poissy, rue des Capucines.

At the scene, they find that the fire comes from a orange hat placed on the ground. According to the fire-rescue center, no major damages were recorded, the disaster did not require “dimensional intervention”. At least in appearance…

On social networks, many residents of the area Poissy, Carrière-sous-Poissy, Chambourcy and Aigremont complain an outage of the internet and landline.

Reached by phone on Sunday afternoon, the municipality of Poissy assures that the breakdown affects all operators. “We do not have visibility for the restoration of the Internet in the Poissy sector, but we expect a quick return to normality”, the municipality informs.

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Gasoline washed the telecom room

However, on Monday, October 31, technicians sent to the site by Orange make a completely different observation. They noticed with surprise that there was a large amount of hydrocarbons in the burnt telecom room. The company then discredits the technical incident thesis.

A strong smell of gasoline and burning comes from the blackened hole. “All cables for fiber, ADSL and telephone are dead, says one of the technicians of Orange mobilized at the site of the disaster. First we need to clear the telecom room before taking action to restore the internet. »

“We don’t know who could have done this. A local resident, a free service provider seeking revenge… Either way, there’s work to be done. »

Orange technician

Also contacted by phone, Orange says it “made a complaint about an arson attack.” A police investigation has been opened.

The operation of the Poissy hospital was affected

In addition to citizens, many companies are also suffering from the shutdown of the Internet. In stores, such as the Carrefour shopping center in Chambourcy, it is impossible for customers to pay by credit card, as bank payment requires an internet connection.

Worse still, the breakdown also affected the Poissy hospital, 10 days after the partial closure of the pediatric emergency for lack of doctors.

“We can’t register patients entering the hospital in our software,” points out a nurse on a cigarette break. One of her colleagues adds: “We no longer receive data from patients transferred from one department to another. We are back to using paper the old way. »

The hospital’s communication department, however, wants to be reassuring: “we ensure continuity of care and have managed to restore an emergency internet network to use certain programs. »

However, the main difficulty remains scheduling appointments, as the institution no longer has access to the Doctolib platform.

Once the telecom room has been cleared, Orange’s priority is to repair the fiber for the hospital’s internet network. For the latter, a return to normality is expected by Thursday.

For the rest, no date is advanced. But according to some Orange technicians, the outage could last “at least a week”.

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