M3.Games gets us its Mint and its Stock Exchange

The M3.Games platform, abbreviated as M3, works for a more comprehensive video game industry. Indeed, it combines traditional and NFT games for both neophyte and professional players. The innovative side of its positioning allows it to develop the gaming sector. Thus, two interactive versions are available on the platform: a Freemium version and a NFT version. Thanks to the blockchain, the platform offers a NFT HTML 5 game engine in a Freemium version. Something to satisfy users who don’t need to go through the Apple Store or Play Store to access the app. Just a few days ago, we announced the deployment of the M3. However, it was only an introduction as the platform is full of potential to discover. On the main course.

A new generation of Play-to-Earn

Tours available for all levels with M3

In commemoration of our previous article, four tournaments are available in real time on the platform. Players benefit from a game world available 24 hours a day. Additionally, participating in a tournament requires you to have NFT and a minimum of 5 M3 tokens. However, the cost of the entry ticket can be recouped in a single fight.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, M3 allows you to earn rewards according to the rank obtained by the player:

Reward levels M3.
Reward Levels: Source: M3

A chance for everyone thanks to Bursa

M3 works above all to democratize the video game industry. In this context, it offers the opportunity for neophyte players to become professionals.

Unfortunately, not all players have the resources to enter tournaments, especially amateur players. The scholarship program, or scholarship in French, comes to correct this problem. Since there is no magic money, it was created so that any player who needs NFTs for tournaments can use them without paying, but sharing the profits and only the profits with the NFT owners.

Also, these NFT owners can use them in tournaments and lend them to other players when they are not connected to the platform. Therefore, NFT lenders can generate income while they sleep, eat, etc. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, another player can benefit from their NFTs during these times. It is a win-win program for all parties, the NFT holder receives M3 tokens while the borrowing player earns significant income without prior investment.

Utility NFTs at the service of players

Every NFT has 7 degrees of rarity which range from Common to Unique as follows:

Different Rarity Levels of M3 NFT.
Different Rarity Levels of M3 NFT – Source: M3

In the Freemium format, players will only be able to hold a maximum of 5 cards. To upgrade from a single card to a unique NFT, they will pay a base price which will be set based on rarity and skill level.

What makes their NFT Collections unique is that common, uncommon and rare NFTs give stackable founder bonuses. Epic, Legendary, Mythic and Unique NFTs unlock skills from 15 available on the platform.

For clarification on the capabilities of these 4 NFTs:

  • an epic card unlocks an ability;
  • for legendary and mythic cards, there are 2 of them;
  • a unique card unlocks 3 different abilities at once.

In M3, common, uncommon and rare cards are honored. No more disappointment opening a surprise box to discover a rarer NFT. From a performance standpoint, they bring as much reflection as other rarity levels.

To ensure healthy competition in the tournament, players are limited to the amount of E level that should not be exceeded. More specifically, in the beta version, it will be 35.

Although each deck is player-specific, each rarity and each ability gives an E-level penalty of 1. in favor of those with decks with more powerful abilities. All players will need to find a balance between all rarities if they want to participate in the tournament, which favors the fact that players need an average of 7x more common, uncommon, and rare cards than others.

From a collectible point of view, even a common NFT can have a mythical or unique background, which makes it as attractive as others.

M3 mint cover

M3 reflection system
M3 Reflection System – Source: M3

much anticipated, mint of the M3 platform will open on October 31. All NFTs will be available for use in beta tournaments before the end of the year. In addition, they will be playable and compatible across the ecosystem.

NFTs generated with common, uncommon, and rare rarities will grant benefits in the Free-to-Play version to their owners. They will benefit from 4 different random stat bonuses such as getting 1 extra card from every PVE and PVP chest you open in the game. never below the number of M3 codes accumulated in the NFT.

M3's anti-ponzi system.
M3 Anti-Ponzi System – Source: M3

For Epic, Legendary, Mythic, and Unique NFTs, they automatically unlock one of 15 abilities with random stats when obtained. Collectors can even resell them and make instant profits. Early collections will have a higher chance of having high stats.

NFTs will be available on 3 major blockchains namely: Ethereum, Binance and Polygon. Players will be able to find 150 NFTs exclusively (50 per platform). After 50 NFTs are put into one collection, another is opened with this time 100 NFTs, then 200, then 400, etc. until the threshold is reached on each blockchain. Whenever a collection is sold, the drop rate of rarer cards drops drastically. After a certain number of collections, the cards’ stats will also drop to provide rarities for Early. Additionally, each blockchain has a bundle each with their own specifics in terms of price, tier, and utility.

  • Polygon Blockchain Founder’s Pack in USDT

The NFTs that will be available there will range from Common to Mythic with a low drop rate for a Legendary or Mythic card. The drop rate of a legendary and a mythic will be less and less good over collections.

The price for one NFT will be a minimum of 100 USDT.

  • Binance Blockchain Play-to-Earn Package in BUSD

Like the Founder’s Pack, the same rarities will be available in the Play-to-Earn Pack. However, the chances of getting common, uncommon and rare cards will be lower and the probability of getting a Legendary or Mythic card will be higher compared to Polygon collections. Card levels will be from 1 to 5 randomly. The price for one NFT will be a minimum of 300 BUSD.

  • Ethereum to ETH Collectors Pack

It is at the price of 0.9ETH/NFT that users will be able to purchase a legendary or mythical NFT guaranteed in the first collections. If the price may seem high, it is because these cards have very high passive income on the stock exchange. Future collections will include lower rarity cards, so hurry if you want to be among the first to hold the rarest cards! Small dedication to Magic players holding Black Lotus as well as Pokemon players holding Charizard 1ʳᵉ edition.

Scholarship system, drop rates and NFT metadata will be available on medium of M3 on mint day.

The NFTs of the M3 ecosystem are above all utilitarian. Thus, the universe of M3 is designed in such a way that NFT is always profitable for its holder thanks to the mechanisms of passive income, Reflection and Exchange. Indeed, the estimated return on investment is 6 to 18 months, depending on the progress of the ecosystem. The M3 is just at the beginning of its adventure. Waiting to see what will happen withICOs until the end of the year, you can already participate in the mint that starts on October 31st and start playing the version Free to play to collect golden rabbits which will be convertible on the day of the MGR token release. As a reminder, M3 offers the first Proof-of-Play games!

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