How to track your internet usage? different options

Unlimited packages have revolutionized usage. However, it is important to track its consumption for several reasons: to know the remaining envelope, to better understand its use, to avoid additional costs, etc. For this, several solutions are available to you depending on your carrier. To choose the one that suits you best, we reveal them to you in detail. Whether you are an Orange, SFR or Bouygues Telecom customer, you will find the steps you need to take in this guide designed for you.

With the advent of unlimited packages, it would be easy to believe that monitoring consumption is no longer of interest. However, this can be a great advantage, especially to ensure that no payments are made outside the package (for example, via premium rate numbers) or even to limit personal use and avoid all forms of abuse. Only, how to track his consumption on his mobile? We reveal the steps to take according to your carrier.

How do I access my consumption tracking?

There are many tokens on the market… Unfortunately, there is no universal method to gain access to your information. This will depend on your carrier. In addition, the latter will offer you several solutions in order to choose the most favorable one for you. The ambition is to facilitate your procedures and offer you complete transparency in your data.

Monitoring your consumption in Orange

Orange is one of the current operators in the current market. As one of the leaders, it offers various options to track your consumption directly from your smartphone.

First, you can directly call the voice server at 123. Once you are online, you just need to follow the steps listed. Thus, you will be able to know the state of your consumption in real time.

You can also go online in your customer area or in the operator’s “Orange et moi” application. These services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you are free to take a look at your consumption whenever you want.

Monitoring your consumption in SFR

Ditto in SFR which offers several solutions, according to your preferences:

  • Online at 950
  • Through your customer area on the operator’s official website
  • Through its mobile app, SFR & Me

SFR also offers a “Consumer Alert” option, free or paid depending on your package. The latter can be very practical to closely monitor your consumption. It notifies you by SMS if your scheduled consumption time in your plan is coming to an end, as well as within 48 hours of activating the alert.

To go further, SFR also provides you with a complete report that describes your consumption over the last three months: bill breakdown, consumption, identification of the 10 most called numbers, preferred call times as well as a summary of your consumption . This allows you to ensure that you have a package that suits your needs.

For RED by SFR customers, you can also connect to your online customer space or download the “RED & me” app.

Monitoring your consumption at Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom allows you to know your consumption through its voice server at number 680. The latter can provide you with four types of information:

  • The total duration of the calls you made;
  • Remaining data envelope available;
  • Your plan overage amount;
  • Amount of revolutions per minute available.

You also have the option to download its mobile app or visit its website. After connecting to your customer area, click on “Summary of consumption” and then on “My consumption”. You will find all the required information.

If you are a B&You customer, the steps you need to take are the same as for its parent company.

Track your consumption for free

On the Free Mobile side, all you have to do is go to your online customer area. After connecting using your personal identifiers, go to “Phone consumption”.

If you downloaded the Free mobile app, the information is also displayed there. By phone, you can call or send a (blank) message directly to 555. This will give you an overview of your consumption from the operator.

Track consumption on Sosh

Sosh is no exception to the rule and allows you to track your internet consumption through After you have indicated the username and password, go to the “View consumption monitoring” tab. The steps are identical if you connect to the operator’s dedicated app, MySosh.

The new generation operator offers you the possibility of calling the number 221 from your smartphone. Unlike some of its competitors, you can also know the status of your consumption by SMS. To do this, dial #123# and send the number corresponding to “Details followed by consumption”. All your information will be sent to you.

Always pays attention to your consumption. This is why the operator warns you when you reach 80% of your data plan. This way, you avoid any unpleasant surprises on your bill at the end of the month.

What information is available in my consumption monitoring?

Monitoring Internet consumption directly from your smartphone allows you to know its use in real time, but not only. Make sure you have a package that meets your needs and adjust if necessary.

Whether online or in the operator’s app, some important and useful elements can be presented to you:

  • Be notified if your schedule is exceeded,
  • Refill your data if necessary,
  • Track your multimedia purchases,
  • Consult your most recent invoices and pay future ones,
  • You have access to advisors or a help desk…

In this way, you have a global vision of the services used and facilitate your procedures. You don’t need to go to a store or contact an online advisor to get your valuable information.

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