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Being present on the Internet has become essential to publicize its direct sales activity, the web is consulted by 93% of the French. Specialist in short circuit and agritourism within the Chamber of Agriculture of Brittany, Mickaël Trémel advises farmers to start with two tools: the social network Facebook and the search engine Google.

The latter represents 97% of the market share of search engines used on smartphones. ” If your business is not present on Google, it is not visible “, he summarizes. Similarly, 80% of the population uses social networks, including Facebook in the first place. If social media isn’t your cup of tea, nothing forces you to be present on a personal basis. “ It is possible to create a Facebook page that serves only professional purposes “, he explained during the last short circuit forum organized by the Brittany Chamber of Agriculture last June.

Drive interactions on Facebook

At the center of the company’s communication strategy, the Facebook page (FB) can be used to create a network, to exchange and communicate with its customers, or even to sell its products. ” It is not the same as a FB profile. We should maintain a professional manner and avoid placing personal opinionshe advises. This is the image of the company! » The goal is to post messages that inspire people who follow the page to respond and share them. ” The more interactions there are, the more visible your page will be and the higher it will rise in the page feed thanks to Facebook’s algorithm. He lists three criteria for an effective FB post: put a photo and even better a video, encourage action (a comment, a share, a tag on another page) and be rich in information. To organize and save time, it is possible to schedule publications. The specialist also advises to have the FB application on your smartphone to facilitate the sharing of photos or live videos with more spontaneous publications (a newborn baby, a landscape, etc.). It is also important to respond to comments to climb the FB algorithm.

Many tools available

The FB page also allows you to create an event. ” It is a very interesting tool for a farm, to announce an open door, a market… and to know the number of participants. Similarly, it is possible to use FB advertising to gain visibility, reach new customers, promote an event or products. “The big advantage is to have a very precise targeting of Internet users according to their geographic location, for example. Within a radius of 20 km around the farm, we can reach 20,000 to 100,000 people. The budget is highly variable according to the objective, but remains less expensive than a publication in the local press. And return on investment is more measurable thanks to access to statistics.

Get visible on Google

The first thing you need to do to be visible on Google, even before you launch a website, is to create a Google My Business page. This sheet, which provides key information about the requested company (location, opening hours, website, reviews, access route, etc.), is clearly visible, positioned at the top right of the screen or at the top of the page of the search engine. ” It’s a free and fast process. All you need is a Google account (for example a gmail address). It is recommended to add one or more photos, which increases the number of visits to the page by 40%. »

Similarly, to be visible, you need to have a website that is well referenced by Google. ” We lose 85% of visits to our site when it lands on the second page of a search engine. SEO depends both on the content of the page (text, image), on its design, on its presence on social networks or on the number of pages that refer to its page. Finally, being present on well-referenced sites also brings visibility (local produce directory, Welcome to the Farm Network, etc.).

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