about fifty houses without internet and landline

In Fay-de-Bretagne, northwest of Nantes, around fifty homes have been without internet and landline telephones since the end of August. The houses are spread over several villages and where the mobile phone network is unreliable, so the laptop that can take control does not always work.

It all starts when an airline accidentally crashes. “The agricultural workers were working in a field and as they crossed the road, with the wires a little low, they were torn by one of the trailers”says Arnaud Chateau, one of the concerned residents. It was August 31st according to this master and the municipality of Fay-de-Bretagne, who indicate that Orange was alerted a few days later. And since then, repairs have been repeatedly postponed.

“No explanation. All they tell you is to pay your bills well!” -Arnaud Chateau

“We regularly receive messages telling us that it will be fixed. From meeting, to meeting, to meeting… And in the end, they don’t come. We were even mocked by telling us that on September 30 or October 1 the line was repaired. None explanation. The only thing they tell you is above all to pay your bills well!”details Arnaud Chateau.

The master from Fay-de-Bretagne explains that we hang up now. However, the latter has quotes, invoices and VAT statements to be made online. So since then is the D system. “I have to use tricks, that is, my cell phone which I access on my computer so that I can work.”

No landline

Fixed telephone lines are also out of order. There is a mobile network, but regardless of the operator, according to Arnaud Chateau, it is very random: “The problem is that people leave messages and on the cell phone when you don’t pick them up, you can pick them up two, three or four days later. In the village where I live, we have a person who needs care by remote control, his wife can “He doesn’t communicate with anyone because his cell phone doesn’t even work. And telecare doesn’t work because it goes through the wire.”.

The date of the next announced appointment for a possible repair: Tuesday, October 25.

Blame it on outsourcing?

If repairs take so long, it’s because Orange’s choice to outsource this type of operation according to CFDT. “It is a consequence of the choice of the company to have contracted this activity, which was the main business, the knowledge of Orange’s technicians who have now gone to subcontracting.condemns Jérome Tessier, CFDT delegate and Grand Ouest staff representative in Orange. Subcontractors are trained late, not equipped, paid by the job. They do their best, it should be noted, but very often we put band-aids here or there without really fixing the condition of the network, which is in the process of visible deterioration.

According to him, the example of Fay-de-Bretagne is not “not an isolated case.” And to continue, that in the end, it is the Orange technicians who intervene in these complex situations. But this time has necessarily passed and “They’re not necessarily well received by customers either.”

Orange position

For its part, Orange says that it learned about the incident a month later, namely on September 30. “An intervention is planned for next week to change the two poles and restore the lines. Orange apologizes for the inconvenience caused. Pending the restoration, Orange is providing its customers with 200 G0 data for mobile subscriptions or credit a AirBox to benefit. internet via mobile network.”

Regarding the response time, Orange specifies itit is about three weeks for this type of surgery. The telecommunications group emphasizes the fact that the two poles must be changed “by trained technicians and equipped with special equipment, in particular coils”AND “These interventions require work permits which can last from a week to more than fifteen days depending on the case.”

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