$20 million for NFTs: FTX renews with this new fundraising

The iPhone of NFTs, really?NFT are, in the collective imagination, images protected by blockchain technology. But more and moredifferent uses grow, vary from video games to the metaverse but also in tokenization of works of art. Today we will find out that they can be too “launch key” from one application reserved for the sole owners of said NFT and that a wallet the new generation can be a typeinterface the original which would consolidate all its applications. Welcome to the world of xNFT !

FTX Ventures and Jump Crypto Raise $20 Million…

Before what is hidden behind these mysterious things takes place xNFT, it is fitting to render to Caesar what is his. So here they are partner that will enable the implementation of this new portfolio based on Solana. And as soon as we talk about Solana, we see FTX and its investment arm appear. FTX Ventureswho co-directed the fundraiser with Jump Cryptothe crypto subsidiary of Jump Trading.

Among the investors who responded, there are Multicoin Capital, Anagram or K5 Global. And all this small world bet on society Coral who will therefore develop the first interactive portfolio for Executable NFT – to “x” of xNFT for “executable”. The back pack (name of this wallet) will work Solanabut not only… Since September 26, the beta version is available to the general public. But members of the Backpack Discord community have priority access.

Official announcement of the launch of this next generation wallet – Source: Twitter

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…to develop a portfolio for very specific NFTs

But what exactly is it? Let’s talk to Armani Ferrantethe founder of Coral detailing the features of his Backpack:

“The backpack serves as a native system, analogous to the iPhone. It allows people to use and interact with applications natively and securely. Backpack aims to decentralize the ‘user interface’ part by starting with a wallet. »

He continues enthusiastically in one MEDIA American:

“We are excited to launch an incremental improvement to how users in the Solana ecosystem interact with protocols and smart contracts. xNFTs make the crypto experience smoother. It will require fewer steps and give projects the power to create more personalized experiences for their communities. »

10 of the most important projects Solana plans to develop BackPack’s xNFT technology. We find the Magic Eden NFT market, the Wormhole cross-chain bridge or the Solend decentralized finance protocol.

And that’s just the beginning, as the apps look so great. Indeed, just like mini programs on WeChat, xNFT are a portal to apps, games or assets built on top of it any blockchain. And users will be able to access it all from one place: Backpack.

Ramnik Aroraproduct manager at FTX, speaks bluntly about “iPhone 3 web launch moment with xNFT as app, xNFT market as App Store and CoralOS as iOS”. With this new wallet, the Solana ecosystem is getting a consumer tool that could take over the masses, especially if the FTX platform grows back… and thus come and go in the flower beds of Ethereum? And question his position as the queen of smart contracts ? “Let’s get ready to rumble!” »

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