Zero Latency enters the next generation. The ultimate VR experience?

Not Meta Quest, not Valve Index and certainly not PlayStation VR. It doesn’t matter which virtual reality glasses you tried at home. Nothing compares to the experience demanded by centers like Zero Latency. Whether it’s because of the peripheral cables in question, or because you don’t have enough space in your living room, the fact is that free-roaming VR adventures are a different world. And now more than a world, we are talking about a universe.

Zero Latency has just inaugurated a new generation of immersive virtual reality from the hand of HTC that will eliminate the most recurring complaint of the experience: the backpack. From now on it will be us, the spectator and a gun. No more carrying a backpack to track our position. The new headset takes care of everything and makes gaming much more comfortable and dynamic.

If you have visited any of the company’s centers, you will understand what we are talking about. It was impossible to go to them and not leave sweaty and exhausted as if you had just run a marathon. Now the band is less demanding and more appreciative, opening up to new audiences, softening the impression we get and making us want to do it again the next day. A change that represents a before and an after and yet does not come alone.

The headset (HTC VIVE Focus 3) not only includes a more ergonomic and lighter design, but also represents a new graphical boost. From 5K resolution (an industry first) to a 120-degree field of view, all at an average of 90 frames per second that delivers smoothness and naturalness while helping to combat motion sickness. Two dual microphones with noise cancellation and 3D spatial sound are built into the glasses. Full immersion.

Zero latency Madrid

Now the question is, what about the games? This will now be Zero Latency’s big mission, to get proposals that make the most of the technology. The first stop will be a Warhammer Space Marine-based experience that sounds formidable even for territories outside of the Games Workshop saga like ours. After her, they will address a license that “there is no one in the world who does not know” and that will meet two of the most common requirements in the center today: to be for the whole family and not to be. based solely and exclusively on action.

Both proposals will arrive in 2023 and will add to the eight different experiences that Zero Latency allows us to choose from today. Ranging from 30 to 60 minutes, they tackle genres and mechanics for all audiences (and all tastes). From Mission Maybe, for the little ones at home, to Engineerium, for those who are tired of shooting and prefer to challenge their vertigo by solving high-altitude puzzles. Until Warhammer arrives, the crown jewels will remain Undead Arena (real-life Call of Duty Nazi zombies, basically) and Far Cry 3, with a Ubisoft-sponsored adventure that fans of the series will be happy to save Vaas Montenegro, his most iconic villain. .

Zero latency Madrid

We were able to enjoy Far Cry again with the new device, and we think it’s worth a second visit. As we said, comfort and dynamism are different and greatly enrich the experience. With the confidence that comes from knowing that Zero Latency hasn’t just arrived, but has been around for over five years, we can only look forward to its development teams and collaborations continuing to expand its roots with more games and experience. The next generation of free-roaming VR has arrived.

Zero latency Madrid

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