Top 6 best virtual reality software

Whether it’s a project as part of a marketing strategy or just a personal project, virtual reality is a technology with great potential. Before it can offer its audience in VR, tools are needed to develop all of this. Like all digital technologies, they are, at first, reserved for professionals with a high level of expertise required. These technologies are then opened up to the general public. We are currently at this stage with virtual reality. In other words, you don’t need to be an expert in graphic design or 3D to create VR. Discover 6 tools that can help you develop virtual reality.

Virtual reality (VR): definition

First of all, let’s remember what virtual reality is. We can sum up what it’s all about in a fairly simple sentence: these are all of them tools and equipment that simulate an environment digitally.

In other words, virtual reality (or VR) aims toimmerses users in a virtual world, in which these different directions are simulated. We often use sight, for example with virtual reality headsets, but it also works with smell, touch or hearing.

To make this digital universe work, VR uses stereoscopic 3D display.

When should virtual reality applications be used?

  • VR to visualize a product in commerce.
    In online commerce, it’s a safe bet that the future goes through virtual reality. It is therefore an option to consider for your business if you have an e-commerce site. Either way, it makes up for the lack of product visualization that comes with selling online. Thanks to VR, potential customers will be able to see the item from all angles, hear it, smell it, etc. In the field of furniture, for example, this can greatly help the customer in his choice.
  • In the industrial field.
    It’s not just in sales that virtual reality can have advantages. At the industry level, there is also potential to be exploited. For example, we can consider creating models in VR. This may also make it possible to simulate certain situations or operations to estimate costs or performance.
  • Real estate visit.
    Visiting real estate in virtual reality is one of the most logical uses. In the context of visiting a home, it can sometimes be tricky to get there. So virtual reality stands out as an interesting alternative. This makes it possible to move around the property and know it concretely.
  • Therapeutic use.
    It has been shown that some health problems can be fixed or at least alleviated through the use of VR. Indeed, it allows health professionals to better understand their patients’ disorders by putting them face to face with different situations in virtual reality. Of course, the use of VR should be accompanied by the acquisition of physiological data.
  • In museum.
    Just like what can be done with a property visit, virtual reality can make it possible to visit other places, such as museums. Also on site, virtual reality provides the tools to provide an immersive experience for visitors. For example, it is entirely conceivable to take visitors on a historical re-enactment.

What software for virtual reality? 6 best on the market

Adobe Aero

It is well known that Adobe has some of the best art and design software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc…), and Adobe Aero is no exception. You can create immersive augmented reality experiences using resources you’ve designed in other applications, without the need for coding !

Aero brings a whole new dimension to designing augmented reality experiences. You can use 2D images from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator or several Substance 3d models adobe 3d stager and third-party applications such as Cinema 4D to create compelling designs that will leave your users speechless.

Virtual reality software: Adobe Aero

Adobe Aero’s powerful yet user-friendly tools make it a fantastic option even for beginners. You can export, publish and share your AR models in social media with just one click. However, the best part about Aero is that it is compatible with Mac OS and Windows, and you can also try it on iOS devices for free.

Amazon Sumeria

Amazon Sumeria GRANTS easily create browser-based 3D, AR and VR applications. You can build highly immersive designs without technical skills or 3D graphics expertise. Sumerian is supported on most platforms including Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

The Sumerian redactor provides ready-to-use templates and intuitive drag-and-drop tools that enable artists and designers to create interactive scenes. If you are a developer with expertise in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you can also write custom scripts to create more complex experiences.

Virtual reality software: Amazon Sumerian
Virtual reality software: Amazon Sumerian

Integration with AWS also means you can easily use machine learning, chatbots, code execution and other tools at the same time. Since it’s a web app, all your projects will be accessible through a simple browser URL and can be run on AR/VR compatible devices.

Google tilt brush

For professional and amateur artists alike, Google tilt brush it’s thereone of the best 3D design tools Who are. It allows you to paint in 3D space with virtual reality, using a variety of dynamic brushes and shaders, from paint and smoke to snow and fire.

Virtual reality software: Google Tilt Brush
Virtual reality software: Google Tilt Brush

owing to Google tilt brushYou can create artwork and designs that you can interact with and move around to live a unique and authentic experience. The possibilities are endless with this app and all you need is a VR headset to get started.

Unity 3D, the best free tool for making VR

Unity 3D it’s the world’s most popular platform for creating 3D projects and has been the trusted choice of game developers, animators and visual artists for years. It is a complete VR development tool and has a Extensive repository of 2D, 3D model and model resources which you can import directly into the development environment.

It is supported by a great developer community who are constantly working to improve quality and speed up the development process. Add to that a highly optimized rendering pipeline, stereo instantiation, spatial audio, authoring tools and the editor’s fast editing capabilities, it’s not hard to see why Unity is one of the best 3D development platforms in the world.

Unity 3D was used for it create games and build 3D solutions for the gaming, automotive, transportation, manufacturing, film, animation cinematography industries. It is a testament to the software’s capabilities and is highly recommended if you are a professional AR and VR designer.

Oculus Medium

Another great tool from Adobe for designing in VR isOculus Medium. This VR tool is especially attractive to character creators. It allows you to sculpt, model, paint and create objects in a VR environment using Oculus Touch and Oculus Rift controllers. That’s not all, you can also create organic shapes, abstract art and everything else with this easy-to-use tool.

Virtual reality software: Oculus Medium
Virtual reality software: Oculus Medium

You can choose from hundreds of pre-made templates, including anatomy, letters, numbers, shapes and various widgets, or export high definition meshes for 3D modeling and printing. This app is designed so you can spend more time being creative instead of spending long hours designing, making it one of our best VR design apps.

Gravity sketch

Whether you create concept sketches or detailed 3D models, Gravity sketch Is one 3D design platform with a wide variety of digital tools that will help you express any idea in real time. It started as a sculpting tool used by the automotive and shoe industries, but has grown into one of the main applications for VR design.

Virtual reality software: Gravity Sketch
Virtual reality software: Gravity Sketch

His easy to use tools I offer a truly intuitive experience. You can draw freehand in 3D space and import 2D sketches to trace and bring your models to life. It also lets you communicate and collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues, sync your files across multiple devices, and integrate with the cloud through LandingPad.

Gravity Sketch was previously paid, but as of early 2021, made free for individual users. It is one of the best VR design tools, and highly recommended for beginners.

Now you know the best virtual reality tools to use for your business or in a personal setting. If you have other VR development tools to offer us, you can share them with us in the comments.

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