The Rugby World Cup is shown at Limoges station on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October

Families and rugby fans flocked to the quay this Saturday, October 29, to board the 2023 Rugby World Cup train, which stopped at Limoges Bénédictins station.

“We came to see the cup! “, start two small boys all smiles.

Four cars are equipped for a trip to the planet of rugby, in an immersive and fun experience.

Virtual reality to experience the emotions of the Stade de France, the atmosphere of the dressing rooms, jersey exhibitions, presentation panels on the history of the discipline with portraits of its great players.

And especially, The real Rugby World Cup is on the wayThe Webb Ellis Trophy, awarded every four years to the winners of the competition.

Something for young and old to dream about. “The idea of ​​the train is to share the passion for rugby as close to the territories as possible. The Bordeaux stadium participates in this activity, with the organization of five matches”, comments Paul Couet-Lannes, director of the Bordeaux site of the organizing committee.

This Saturday afternoon, October 29, an electrical failure on the train temporarily interrupted the visits. A momentary concern while SNCF agents repair the breakdown.

Train present in Limoges until tonight. Do not hesitate to come and enjoy the train. The tour is commented and accessible for all to experience rugby culture.

The train will stop at Brive station on November 2 and 3.

On tourFrance 2023 Rugby Tournament exhibition train to Limoges Bénédictins this Saturday 29th October.

Since July 21, the train-exhibition of France Rugby Tournament 2023 by SNCF crosses France to stop in 51 cities on a 114-date tour.
The visits are commented by the new apprentices in training at Campus 2023 (172 students in New Aquitaine). The train will arrive in Paris on November 10.
The Rugby World Cup event mobilizes 4,000 volunteers, including 380 in Bordeaux.

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