the press tried the virtual reality headset and it came out won

Specialist journalists were invited to London to try out Sony’s new VR headset. No date or price has been revealed yet.

Announced a few months ago, virtual reality headset PS VR2 is on everyone’s lips this weekend. The specialized press was invited to the British capital by Sony to reveal its new headset, dedicated to the PS5. Some expected games, like Horizon The Call of the Mountain, they were also lucky. Newspaper.

The dive was pushed to its peak

PS VR2 makes some giant leaps in purely technical terms. No longer requiring the input of an external camera to take into account its surroundings (the sensors are embedded in the viewfinder), the experience is even more immediate and less restrictive.

But Sony’s new VR headset is still wired. Indeed, unlike one Meta Quest 2 which is autonomous, it is the connected PlayStation 5 that performs the calculations and returns the result to the PS VR2. On the other hand, he asks on the side of the gameculture or to IGNthis connection does not appear to impede immersion.

PlayStation VR2 should be released in early 2023©Sony Interactive Entertainment

The new PS VR2 Sense controllers adopt a design similar to that found on the PC models. In addition, they offer the same haptic features as the PlayStation 5’s DualSense, as well as adaptive actuators. On the other hand, the four games featured during this reveal day seemed to take advantage of this feature in the margin.

A photo sharper than ever

PS VR2 has two new OLED screens, each of which offers a definition of 2000 x 2040 pixels with a frequency of 120 Hz. The field of view has also been revised upwards (110°) and allows more details to be observed in the picture. According to Gamekult, the “grid” effect inherent in VR is still present. But it knows how to forget thanks to eye-tracking technology, which tells the console what we’re looking at to maximize the level of detail of this element at the expense of what’s in peripheral vision. .

Another innovation: the helmet now has a wheel to adjust the pupil distance of each lens. In other words, you can precisely adjust the position of the screens to significantly improve sharpness and get the best possible image.

The helmet always supports its weight on the wearer’s forehead and now has a pupil distance adjustment.©Sony Interactive Entertainment

Even the real star of the day was according to many media Horizon: The Call of the Mountain. The VR spin-off of the Sony franchise left a strong impression on the side of Informer gamewhich describes the game as graphically impressive as Forbidden Horizon Westone, if not the best looking game currently available on PS5.

Marginal reserve

If the overall impressions are great, some points are raised unanimously by the press and may lead to questions about the product.

First, the PS VR2 doesn’t offer an onboard audio solution. It is necessary to bring a helmet that will overlap the helmet (a 3.5 mm jack is available), or be satisfied with the sound of its TV speakers.

There’s also the whole catalog problem. Will Sony be able to offer its headset enough games to motivate a purchase? In any case, that’s the pitfall the company ran into with the first-name PS VR.

Horizon The Call of the Mountain
Horizon Call of the Mountain thrives as PS VR2’s first true graphical slap.©Sony Interactive Entertainment

Finally, the launch price of this new device remains to be known. While Sony has onlyincrease the price of the PlayStation 5 by €50, what price range should we expect from the PS VR2? As a reminder, the first headset (not counting the camera and PlayStation motion controllers) sold for around 399 euros when it launched. The same price as the PlayStation 4 Pro at the time.

Given the economic situation, it seems that Sony will choose a launch around the current price of the PlayStation 5. That means €450. Price (also reviewed above) from MetaQuest 2.

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