The Backrooms: the pasta that scares the internet

news culture The Backrooms: the pasta that scares the internet

A sense of loneliness and a sense of deja vu… Do you know the back rooms? It’s an internet legend that originated on 4chan, imagining scary, empty rooms you can’t get out of. We’re going to analyze together this creepy pasta which seems to particularly bother video game players.


  • What are back rooms?
  • Backrooms or lone player syndrome

What are back rooms?

Imagine yourself playing a video game alone, in the dark. With your character, you explore a virtual environment that you know well. When suddenly strangeness creeps into your experience: you inexplicably slide across the floor and find yourself outside the confines of the game in an empty environment you weren’t meant to reach. Has this ever happened to you? Now imagine this happening to you in real life. One day, without any explanation, it passes through the ground and falls in a completely unknown place… Outside of reality. A smell of damp coming from the carpet, the neon lights producing a dull hum, it seems as if this place seems both familiar and foreign. You try to find a way out, but it’s impossible, you seem to go around in circles in the same rooms ad infinitum. The tension gradually increases, you feel more and more anxious as if you were not alone in these places. You are in a back room.

Created online in May 2019 via the anonymous forum 4chan, Backrooms are what are called “creepypasta”: an urban legend often developed by several hands. For comparison, we can mention the SCP Foundation, which uses the same principle of collaborative writing. It is precisely an image posted on 4chan accompanied by a text that will launch the legend of Backrooms. We see an empty room lit by neon lights, a carpet and yellow walls. The back rooms are what is called border space and they don’t stop at this room. Internet users quickly invented other rooms that follow each other and are not similar. And since terror was not yet pronounced enough, evil entities eventually entered the equation. Gradually, thanks to the creativity of Internet users, Backrooms have become the equivalent of stories told by the fireplace on Halloween night. From a simple image posted on an anonymous forum, an urban legend was born that anyone can enrich as they wish.

If you’re not careful and escape reality in the wrong areas, you’ll end up in the back rooms, where there’s nothing but the smell of old wet carpet, the color yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at full blast. and around. six hundred million square kilometers of randomly segmented empty rooms that you can get trapped in.

God bless you if you hear something wandering around, because he sure heard you.

Seeing this image, and long before Backrooms spread online, many netizens say they feel a mixture of emotions. A strange sense of nostalgia is felt for no real reason. Maybe it’s just a sense of deja vu or confusion that the brain translates into nostalgia. Fear is also an emotion that can be present in looking at this picture, in a more understandable way. Many feel scared, as if they imagine themselves trapped in this place. Seeing an empty room without seeing the way out can awaken the claustrophobic potential within us. A loss of reference is felt by seeing no furniture and no temporal or geographical markers. Others evoke a sense of inverted deja vu, that is, feeling like this is a place you think you will go in your life, like a premonition. These sensations do not last, they are transient but specific. Most netizens have expressed almost the same emotions with each testimony. Backrooms become a vector of emotions perceived almost unanimously, uniting everyone in the strange distinction of this “non-reality”..

Backrooms or lone player syndrome

How can we unite in unison in the Backroom? One theory might suggest that viewing this image evokes this feeling of sadness that gradually emerges when noticing the virtual boundaries of a game environment that we’ve been exploring for a long time. The relationship with time and space is not the same as in reality. Although there may be a day-night cycle and a well-defined map, accumulating hours of gameplay can lead to a loss of meaning. Then our imaginations can take over and lead us to more macabre ideas, which brings us back to the principle of nightmares.

In another register, we can interpret Backrooms as the fear of transitioning from the playful world, which is exciting, satisfying and full of discoveries, to the world of seriousness, work, everyday life with these cold and boring offices. This creepy pasta can make us feel the fear of monotony, fixed environments in contrast to the picturesque landscapes of a video game. In any case, we can say that this internet legend has its roots in our most contemporary fears.

If you want to dive into the back rooms, there are more and more games that adopt this atmosphere as The Backrooms 1998 or inside the back rooms to play multiplayer.

The Backrooms: the pasta that scares the internet

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