Avalanche of Web3 games in the land of the rising sun

The snowball effect – Today we learned that through its subsidiary BLRD, the “made in Japan” gaming giant GREE is joining forces at the right time with Ava Labs, the software company that provides support for The Avalanche blockchain and its ecosystem. An association that aims to accelerate BLRD’s growth in blockchain gaming with a first Web3 game by 2023.

Strategic partnership in the online gaming space 3

Do I need to remind you that Avalanche is a protocol valued by the blockchain ecosystem. Extremely fast, economical, energy efficient, also has the largest number of validators that ensure its activity with proof of stake. Today, Avalanche hosts over 500 decentralized applications. Thus, billions of dollars are safe on the network. The impact on the climate is minimal. Based on this observation, it is not surprising that many players in the real economy choose this player to make their conversion to blockchain technology.

Thus the GREE company has started the transformation. As a reminder, the Japanese company has more than ten years of experience in creating successful Web2 games. She has notably worked on a large number of popular games, including Naruto and several mobile versions of Final Fantasy. Recently, the entertainment giant has launched more than a dozen Avalanche testers. This is part of his larger plans to participate in the Avalanche Primary Network and Gaming Subnets.

“GREE has over a decade of experience building games that players love, with timeless intellectual property. We are thrilled that they are supporting the gaming channel, Avalanche, and partnering with it to make its future even brighter. Ava Labs has all the tools you need to help GREE grow into a Web3 gaming powerhouse.”

Ed Chang, Head of Games at Ava Labs

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BLRD, a third party entity to facilitate the Web3 connection between Avalanche and Gree

It is within a third structure that the two champions will concretize their cooperation. Indeed, BLRD has been a key player in the gaming ecosystem for several decades. In particular, in 2007 it launched the first social mobile game, Fishing Star. Except this she was able to get many references like:

  • 30 million monthly active players
  • Cooperation with emblematic companies in the gaming worldsuch as Square Enix, Sega, Konami and Bandai Namco
  • Released numerous mobile games downloaded millions of times.
  • Acquisition of various intellectual property licenses and adaptations of popular anime into mobile games. We can quote here “One Punch Man”.
Avalanche partners with Japanese gaming giant GREE to develop online games

Within the developing strategic partnership, his role is to promote web3 game development bringing together the experience of the GREE group, and the networking capabilities of Avalanche. Ava Labs will help drive BLRD’s growth in blockchain gaming, providing technical, marketing, business and ecosystem support.

I am excited about the potential of the Avalanche Network and its ecosystem. We will deliver a brand new game that will be loved by players for years to come, just as we have done for web2 games.”

Eiji Araki, director of BLRD

It is known that BLRD is planning a sensational entry into the world of Web 3 games. This by developing and distributing games on the Avalanche network, but also NFT, among others. In addition, BLRD plans to collaborate with Ava Labs and the Avalanche Foundation in other projects, including joint investments with Blizzard, Avalanche’s investment fund, while operating validators and investing in third-party games. In short, GREE, through BLRD, is leaning heavily towards Web3 and blockchain technology. Prepare for Avalanche.

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