Understanding American Women’s Sentiments Toward Crypto

BlockFi, the New York-based crypto platform, conducted a survey of American women to gauge their appetite for digital assets. What are their motivations? Are women less inclined towards this universe? Do they feel comfortable and confident about their investments? Reaction elements.

Investing in crypto: where are the Americans?

BlockFi questions the real perception of women towards crypto investments. The reason why the platform has set up Real Talk. This is a series of surveys that try to understand how consumer perceptions of cryptocurrencies and crypto as a whole are changing.

This September survey, the third in the series, focuses on women’s motivations, behaviors and attitudes toward crypto investing. BlockFi surveyed 1,075 American women between the ages of 18 and 65. In general, it appears that all generations participate in this new financial system, although with a certain delay depending on the age group. In addition, many still remain in their reserve.

Crypto as the first investment: millennials in charge

Studies on general consumer perception of cryptocurrencies have multiplied in recent years. Most surveys identify one constant: millennia are more focused on cryptography compared to other generations. A trend confirmed in this recent study conducted by the BlockFi team.

BlockFi analyzes women’s appetite for cryptocurrencies.

The survey reveals that one in ten women have chosen to bet on cryptocurrencies for a first investment, 17% of them are millennials and 11% of women from generation Z. Even the oldest (those of generation X), sometimes out of step. new technologies, are partially convinced to invest in crypto. The survey also reveals that 33% of respondents have chosen to invest in cryptocurrencies for retirement.

Investing in crypto: building and maintaining trust

A quarter of American women surveyed, or 25% of survey participants, say they have never invested in digital assets. Furthermore, 77% see crypto as a risky investment. According to Flori Marquez, BlockFi’s chief operating officer, a lack of trust partly explains this reserve.

While 45% of American women surveyed feel confident about their investment, one in four say they doubt their strategy. BlockFi also finds that 81% of respondents remain on the fence, viewing crypto as confusing. For Flori Markez, the idea would be to improve the interaction between the skeptics and more optimistic to expand the virtuous circle of belief.

Crypto: American Women Appreciate HODLing

In terms of strategy, the vast majority of American women, 69% of those who have invested in crypto, say they are satisfied with the strategy of HODLING. In other words, they buy and then hold their assets. Compared to the first step in the market, 21% of Americans consider the cryptosphere to be user-friendly. However, more than half of respondents (52%) are skeptical.

According to experts, this is due to a clear lack of knowledge and information about the market and the community. Regardless, one in five women still believe investing in cryptocurrencies can protect them from inflation. This, despite a noticeable slowdown in the market. Some (20% of Generation Z) also think that bitcoin remains a better investment compared to real estate investments for example or individual stocks.

For women, crypto investing is still far from the craze of their male counterparts. However, this BlockFi survey has highlighted some resilience on the part of American women in the face of the crypto winter. Experts interpret this attitude positively. It’s promising, they say.

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