Tarn: virtual reality in the service of waste classification

Kévin Mazars is a young Albigensian entrepreneur who has created a three-dimensional game to help people learn better how to sort their waste.

We are a few meters from the church of Cambon d’Albi. This is where Kévin Mazars and his three employees came to settle. “We are good here. It is quiet, the house is big, which allows us to work in good conditions. And what a view from the countryside. The head of Vrai studio is smiling. “Before, we were at Innoprod in Albi. We could have gone to Paris or Toulouse to exponentially grow our company. That is not the intention. We do not want to become a short-lived start-up, but to work long-term in our territory, as a real small business. On the hardware side, no problem. We work very well with Albigens companies like Numix and La Matrice. »

“Thanks to this virtual reality tool, we capture people’s brains.”

Studio Vrai specializes in designing virtual reality software. “For 4 years we have been developing and selling “Recyclage VR. “The objective is to offer it to local authorities and companies, who can use it to raise awareness for a better waste treatment,” sums up Kévin. “Our goal is not to sell it to individuals. »
The ranking was not chosen randomly by the company. “We have eco-responsible fiber. We want to work with this objective. Today it is being ranked. Tomorrow will be saving water and then energy. »
Let’s test this “VR Recycling”. To do this, you need to put on a virtual reality helmet that you put on your head. In the hands, two levers. We are shocked into this new world. The space is beautiful. In front of us, a small mascot named Recyclo. Our controllers appear in the form of handles. The game can begin. Surrounded by several bins, you have to grab the waste and put it in the right containers. When you have made the right choice, you earn points. It’s fun, educational, and very well done.

A playful and different approach

“Although we are based in Cambon, we have clients all over France, including recently, the metropolitan area of ​​Montpellier. We even had Prince Albert of Monaco play,” laughs the manager. “The advantage of Recyclage VR is that it is scalable, according to our partners. This is why I prefer to use the word tool rather than game. Example. You can change the containers to community colors and they can be used from 12/13 years. From word of mouth, Recyclage VR has been on the move for four years.
What does virtual reality bring to raise awareness of proper waste classification?
“Now, we are offering something different from brochures or oral explanations. This makes it possible to capture another population. You should know that in France, only 15% of the population has a real attraction to ecology. At fairs, you often see the same people. We must speed up the movement. I think virtual reality can do that. »
With what additional advantages?
“It’s fun, new. Above all, it captures the brain. After playing with Recycling VR, you remember everything. This is the strength of virtual reality”, says the computer engineer, proud of his work. His company will be present at the European Waste Reduction Week that takes place from November 19 to 27, in the four corners of France. Essential meetings to create new institutional or private contacts, to show that its software has its place in the evolution of a more environmentally responsible world. Kévin Mazars, he believes in it as strong as iron.

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