Pays de Vitré: a website allows farmers to find their trainees

Dimitri Viel, a farmer in Saint-Didier, is Aurélien’s 19-year-old practice supervisor. ©The Journal of Vitré

Abnormal animation in operation Dimitri Viel, a 29-year-old farmer. Under his gaze herd of cowsit’s here, at Saint Didiernear Vitré, se Young Farmers of Ille-et-Vilaine (JA 35) met with the press, institutions and partners to promote Internet platform for Agricultural Practices.

A site that creates a meeting place between supervisors and practice interns of the agricultural world. “It’s a bit like farming practices Le Bon Coin,” sums up succinctly Lucien Souvestre, farmer from Domagne and administrator in JA35.

“Elevator Return”

install since 2016 at Saint-Didier, Dimitri Viel has created a special bond with the trainees. Already because he himself had the opportunity to do many internships on farms, and also because he also waits trainees.

I had to do about ten internships, so when I had the opportunity to get an internship, I said to myself why not. It’s like an elevator ride.

Dimitri Viel

So he welcomed Aurélien, 19, from Melesse, near Rennes. And the two men seem to have developed a great bond: “The exchanges are interesting and going very well,” smiles Dimitri Viel, looking at Aurélien.

Apprentices: tomorrow’s farmers

Even if Aurélien isn’t in his proof in the field, he was able to quickly find his place with the farmer Deodatian. “My goal is to take over from my parents who are also farmers. So I’m already in business, but seeing other farms and how other farmers work is also rewarding,” says the young man.

Planting wheat, corn or tilling the soil, Aurélien enjoyed a bit of everything alongside Dimitri. “I was looking for milk production. I was a little afraid of large farms from an accounting point of view, so when I had the opportunity to come to Dimitri, who has a human-sized farm, I jumped at the chance,” explains Aurélien.

Then he takes his phone and contact Deodatian directly:

Videos: currently on Actu

While on the platform, I had several requests for practice. But Aurélien called me directly. I liked his initiative and the first contact was good.

Dimitri Viel Farmer

Agricultural practice, what is it?

Stage Agricole is above all the name of an internet platform that brings together all the CVs of people looking for an internship or internship, as well as farms and agricultural companies willing to host them. The site was created in 2021 and quickly grew significantly, especially in Brittany. The region has more than 120 practical offers which are currently offered and mostly in dairy cattle. In Ille-et-Vilaine, more than 62 practice supervisors have registered on the platform for 43 offers currently available. To go to the site, just go to the following page:

And from this first training period, Aurélien does not draw only positive : “I liked it, because Dimitri takes the time to explain things to me. We are not just focused on work. I also see what to do or not. So these practices are important for the future. »

And exactly for the rest, Aurélien hesitate again: “It is the great thought of the moment. Continue your studies or find a salaried job on a farm”, concludes the young man.

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