Meetings with authors, conferences, shows… Three days dedicated to travel diaries in Clermont-Ferrand

Meetings with authors, dedications, conferences, documentary film screenings, seminars, virtual reality, performing arts, cartoon concert, audio books, book market… An inventory of Prévert style for these three days, from November 18 to 20, where Clermont will welcome around a hundred bloggers, travel writers and filmmakers who have come to showcase their latest works, created here or at the end of the world.

We will find frequent illustrators such as Simon, Stefano Faravelli, Emde, Private Sonia, Philippe Bichon or Stephanie Ledoux. But also many new ones. “60% are women,” adds Pierrette Viel, president and director of the association Ifav (for “You must go see”, quote from the great traveler Ella Maillart), organizer of Meeting travel diary.

From Auvergne to Burma…

Some have traveled close to here, like Véro Béné and his The railway secrets of Auvergne and beyond or even Christine Flament and her Discovery of Randan’s royal domain. Others have gone to Namibia, Reunion, Georgia, New York, Burma… to bring back notebooks rich with images, drawings and text… and stories they will be ready to share.

  • The great witnesses.Olivier Weber at the Rendez-vous du carnet de voyage in 2015.

Olivier Weberloyal to the demonstration, will come to talk about Ukraine in a debate with him Cedric Grass who wrote a film about “Secret Russia”. He will also share a video conference with the Nobel Prize in Literature, the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk and, finally, he will present “Voix afghanes,” a reading of Afghan women’s poems in French by the Clermont-based author. Come on Farah and in Persian. The show will be directed by musician Arash Barez, a political refugee in Auvergne.
Jerome Pitorin, The presenter of France 5’s Saturday evening magazine Échappées belles, who is passionate about photography, is also invited to present his work and meet the public.

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  • And also…Benjamin Flao (left) and Troub’s at the Rendez-vous du carnet de voyage in 2014. They had won the grand prize of the Michelin corporate foundation with “Va’a, une saison aux Tuamotu”.

Movies, travel in virtual reality?; a concert given by the band Blast and drawn by the maker of the notebook Benjamin Flao?; short films to watch from Tuesday at La Jetée (6, place Michel-de-L’Hospital)?; a notebook market?; awards given Friday at 7:30pm at the Polydome Amphitheater; a “traveler’s corner for cycling”… So many different ways to travel and understand the world, the credo of the association Il faut aller voir.

A new Asterix movie teaser

Veronique Lacoste-Mettey

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