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As part of the 11th edition of the Industry Week, Marc MESPLARAU, President of UIMM Occitanie Adour-Pyrénées, and all the partners held a press conference organized for its launch this Friday, October 28, at the premises of the Center of Training DITECH UIMM Adour Zone Pyrene Aéropône in Lan. .

More 100 visits of scheduled companies, business meeting to meet directly with recruitment companies, one morning Industrial Potential devoted to women, open doors industrial training centers, conference for the general public to better know our territory and its global industrial impact, ComPeTITIon to win prizes (Certificate of Commencement of Aeronautics, Virtual Reality Headset, Third Internship/Final of Study, a “True Star”) and many other events was discussed at this press conference.

From November 3, you will find all the events tagged in our Department on the page:

Opening speech of the press conference by Marc MESPLARAU, President of UIMM Occitanie Adour-The Pyrenees

Marc MESPLARAU, President of UIMM Occitanie Adour-Pyrénées

“Madam, Sir, dear partner, ladies and gentlemen journalists,
Hello, Thank you all for your presence that shows the interest of the actions of our industries and the strength of our partnerships and more broadly of our territory.
I especially thank the Prefect of HautesPyrenees Jean SALOMON for his presence.
I would also like to thank our loyal partners for their presence: Jean-Louis CAZAUBON, Vice President of the Region, Michel PELIEU, President of the Council of the Department, who apologizes and is represented by Frédéric Ré, Vice President for integration, employment. and the social and solidarity economy; François-Xavier Brunet, President of CCI Hautes-Pyrénées represented by Jean-Michel Ségneré; Michel Puyet, President of CPME65; Antoine Nunes, President of MEDEF65 excused and represented by his treasurer, Jean-Marie Logié; Pierre Zerbini, President of ENIT excused and represented by Jean-Yves Fourquet, Director of ENIT; Pierre DUPLAA, President of the BTP65 Federation (represented by its General Secretary, Jean-Denis BRAULT); Audrey Lebars, Operational Director of the Territory of Industries, who apologizes and is represented by Baptiste Crabos, GPECT referent;

The Pôle Emploi structure, represented by Sonia Puysségur, Industry Referee; Cap Emploi Hautes-Pyrénées, represented by its Director, Priska LARROQUE; Valérie Pomiès, Deputy Director of the HautesPyrénées Local Mission; CIBC, whose director, Caroline DESAULNAY apologizes, is represented by Franck Ferré;

Finally, I would like to welcome Mr. Courade, the new Principal of Jean-Dupuy High School and Director of the CFA Territorial Unit.

I am speaking today as President of UIMM Occitanie Adour-Pyrénées and industrial referent of the industrial territory LACQ-PAUTARBES (TARBES-PAU-LACQ).
I thank and salute the commitment – of each of our partners – working for a territory of skills and attractiveness.
Indeed, this 11th edition of the Industry Week with innovative and unifying actions shows that it is the reflection of our partnerships!
Industry Week, not to say industry MONTH, takes place this year from November 7 to December 9, 2022 in our Hautes-Pyrénées department.
Before I give the floor to our partners, stakeholders in this edition, I will talk a little about the industry.

Industry means projecting yourself into a future of collective and individual progress
• A COLLECTIVE progress, because the industry brings innovative solutions to the challenges ahead.
• A COLLECTIVE project, because the industry is the backbone of the territories: of their economic and social cohesion, of their attractiveness, etc.
• A COLLECTIVE project, because the industry is a response to the challenge of national sovereignty.
But the industry is also about individual progress:
• An INDIVIDUAL project, because the industry means being a player in its future, acquiring knowledge and bringing it to life, it also means transforming it and being at the heart of innovation.
For example, more than 600 apprentices are undergoing training within our Adour Industry Training Center for the start of the 2022 academic year.
But also, we can attend excellent retraining courses within the framework of courses created with Pôle Emploi, such as POEC (Operational Preparation for Collective Employment) or from the Occitanie Region with the Regional Training Program implemented locally by our training actors , in particular GRETA
and our UIMM Adour Training Center.
The breakfast, Potential Industri’ELLES, on November 8, for women, has as a special objective the creation of individual projects for collective projects in the local industry…
• Industry also means contributing to a beneficial collective project that is meaningful to you;
• It also means, in this context, having a good salary, access to qualifications and career prospects, being able to train to progress in one’s profession or to another profession.
In our sectors, salaries are 13% to 15% higher than the average market salary.
• Finally, it means sharing the meaning and pride of what we participate in… The famous #Proud to do

Therefore, developing the industry means making this future of progress a reality.
Making this shared future a reality means enabling the industry to express its full potential.
This 11th industry week takes part in it by focusing on these fundamental issues for the future of our country, for generations to come.
This collective mobilization is more essential than ever, because the crisis, the crises, show that we are at a key moment.
Rebuilding a strong, modern and brilliant industry will not happen without skill.
The industry needs trained, motivated men and women from diverse backgrounds to invent and build projects that will meet the needs of society: to move, to communicate, to treat ourselves, to feed ourselves… while protecting the planet.
But let’s not forget that the industry today is:
▪ A work environment profoundly transformed by digital and new technologies. ▪Changing professions, even new professions in line with the expectations and almost innate abilities of
youth: data scientist, industrial programmer, technologist, robotics, cobot engineer, 3D technician, expert
in virtual engineering…

And before we leave the Word to our partners,
I look forward to seeing you on December 6 at the Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport Hall for the “GRANDE SOIREE DE L’INDUSTRIE” that will close this 11th edition of Industry Week with an awards ceremony (for the current competitions that Baptiste from Territoire d’industrie will tell us) and unexpected events around a beautiful exhibition that highlights the industries of our territory! »

The intervention of the Prefect of the Hautes-Pyrenees Jean SALOMON

Jean SALOMON, Prefect of Hautes-Pyrénées

Speech of the Vice President of the Occitanie Region Jean-Louis CAZAUBON

– Jean-Louis CAZAUBON, Vice President of the Region,

Speech by Frédéric RE, Vice-President of the Department for Integration, Employment and Social and Solidarity Economy, representing President Michel PELIEU

Frédéric Ré, vice-president for integration, employment and social economy and solidarity

The intervention of Jean-Michel SEGNERE, representing François-Xavier BRUNET, President of the CCI of Hautes-PyrAeneas.

Jean-Michel SEGNERE, representing François-Xavier BRUNET, President of CCI Hautes-Pyrénées.

Speech by Michel PUYET, President of CPME65

Michel PUYET, President of CPME65

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