Cryptocurrency signals and analysis platform Dash 2 Trade raises $3 million in first week of pre-sale

London, England, Friday, October 28 – Crypto Analytics Platform and Signals Aries 2 Trade there are finished its first week of pre-sales with a whopping $3 million.

Dash 2 Trade cryptocurrency presale aims to sell 70 million tokens. A week after its launch, more than 27 million tokens have already been sold. At this stage, the project already has raised an incredible $3 million.

During this the second phase of the presaleD2T tokens are available at the price of $0.050. Soon, when the collection reaches 3.5 million dollars, the presale will go to the third stage and its value will be $0.0513.

A return of 39% awaits the first investors at the end of the presale

The pre-sale of Dash 2 Trade will be done in 9 stages and at the end of the last stage, the token will be sold in $0.662. This means that the expected return from the first investors is estimated at 39% based on the first phase of the project.

Right now the project is in its second phase and investors who buy the land now will get one 32% return at the end of the presale. It is very likely that the price of the token will gain value the moment it is listed on centralized exchanges.

As a result, the first investors will have even more profits as a reward for their early commitment to the project. This means that it will be necessary to act quickly to get D2T tokens as soon as possible because they are being sold at an incredible speed. That is why the project already has raised $3 million in just one week.

A “Bloomberg Terminal” for cryptocurrency investors

What does it do? ram 2 trade talisman, that is its value proposition. The project is defined as “Bloomberg terminal for cryptocurrency tradersIn fact, Dash 2 Trade is designed by a team of experienced investors for it help investors in their activities.

This is a dashboard that has many trading options including a Auto Trading API, an artificial intelligence processing social media analysis and market sentiment analysis tool.

The panel also includes institutional level tools such as backtesting with its strategy creation option or even a social trading tool. Backtesting, for example, allows investors to test their strategy ideas on historical prices before implementing them under real conditions in the real market.

Several other options make Dash 2 Trade stand out from the competition. Indeed, it allows monitor pre-sale launches by providing valuable decision-making support to investors through an exclusive rating system. This assistance materializes in the form of providing reliable and complete data to investors.

Additionally, among its many features, Dash 2 Trade offers trading indicators and signals as well as real-time data feeds so that its users can optimize their trading performance. Thanks to the tools present on its platform, Dash 2 Trade puts professional traders on an equal footing with individuals.

A presale that benefits early investors

The team behind the project gave pride of place to the investors who will appear during this presale. Indeed, they will also receive most of the D2T tokens 700 million of the billion global supply. In addition, no lock-in period is planned in the project roadmap.

For the remaining 300 million tokens, 15% will be given for the growth and development of the project. Then 5% is provided for liquidity, 5% goes to the competition pool and 5% for talent acquisition.

L’buy D2T tokens pre-sale takes place on the website. Investors can buy using USDT and ETH and connecting a crypto wallet. The same wallet will be used at the end of the pre-sale to claim tokens.

Mobile users will be able to use Trust Wallet and its built-in browser to access the pre-sale site.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a crypto wallet for buy D2T tokensyou can still buy ETH directly from the project site with a bank card.

Designed from the ground up by a team of expert marketers and developers

The creators of Dash 2 Trade have been in the cryptocurrency investment business for several years. Through their experience, they came together a community of 70,000 members who benefit from their services.

It is the very famous team of Learn 2 Trade who is behind this platform. However, the two platforms are fundamentally different. The dashboard provided by Dash 2 Trade anticipates allowing investors to take advantage of the cryptocurrency market valued at hundreds of billions of dollars.

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