Women In Web3 Paris wants to feminize blockchain and cryptos

Posted on October 5, 2022, 7:00 amUpdated October 6, 2022, 9:05 am.

Women in Blockchain, World of Women (NFT), Women of Web3, Les Hackeuses, La Mineuse… Initiatives to empower women in the Web3 universe , whether in France or abroad, are multiplying. The latest to date is the Parisian association WiW3, Women In Web3 (independent of its big American sister), which, in turn, wants to help more women invest in this new ecosystem.

In the origin of WiW3, there are four girls with complementary profiles. The youngest, Ava Kouhana, just 21, is still an engineering student at ENSAE. Naomie Halioua, 25, a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and Dauphine, works in DeFi – or decentralized finance – at Pyratzlabs, a startup studio specializing in Web3. Phoebe Beigbeder, 25, is a VC Project Analyst at Atka (a consulting firm in blockchain projects) after working at French cryptocurrency leader Ledger and co-organizing NFT Paris 2021. Finally, Anaelle Guez, 34, created Achyle (tool digital for the legal profession), after spending six years in the legal department of the Havas group.

Four Girls on Web3

Their common point? “We are all interested in the revolution that Web3 will generate at the technical, cultural and community levels”, enthuses Ava, the new vice president. it data scientist is passionate about blockchain, since reading the book “Big Bang Blockchain” by journalist Stéphane Loignon. She was then 16 years old. “The subject fascinated me and then it was the gears. Math, science, artificial intelligence, quantum physics… I became passionate about it.”smiles the young engineer.

An internship at Dogami, a French start-up that allows you to adopt a virtual dog, confirms her vocation. There he also meets Naomie and will seal their friendship. “We regularly went to Web3 events and didn’t see many women there even though we rubbed shoulders with them outside. We wonder why they didn’t go there. They admitted to us that they did not dare. They saw themselves as beginners and did not feel legitimate.. Their reaction, characteristic for impostor syndrome encourages the two girlfriends to react.

Just before the summer, they launched a call on LinkedIn to bring together women interested in Web3 for an evening in Paris. “We expected about forty responses. In the end, more than 300 women responded positively », Ava is still surprised today. Sponsored by The Sandbox, a “play to win” game. – which allows players to win rewards and real money – the event will be an opportunity to reinforce the intuition of the two friends. “We said to ourselves that we should try to feminize this new ecosystem, which is still very immature. That to move the lines, it was the right time! ».

The association Women In Web3 Paris was born in this process, with Phoebe and Anaelle, as co-founders. Their leitmotif: connect, educate and give women a place on the Web3.

Highlighting the Muses of Web3

To date, there are more than thirty of them actively working to increase the power of their association. “We want to highlight as many inspiring women as possible from the Web3, through podcasts on Spotify, videos on YouTube, tweets, articles, webinars, meetups”, Ava lists. The student is especially responsible for conducting interviews-debates on technical or thematic topics with big names in the ecosystem. “The goal is to educate as many people as possible and demystify technology”she said.

She hosted Claire Balva, blockchain pioneer in France, director of Blockchain and Cryptos at KPMG. “We talked about ban de Tornban de Tornado Cashado Cashenvironmental impact of blockchain, state regulation of cryptos », the student underlines. Another guest, Karolina Gorna, cybersecurity and blockchain expert at KPMG and former president of Kryptosphere®, the first student association in France specialized in blockchain.

Topics discussed? “Hyper-reliance on private keys, DDoS attacks (from denial of service, editor’s note), web2 traceability, cost of smart contract audits…”. Future interviews are scheduled with Faustine Fleuret president of ADAN – an association that brings together professionals in the sector of digital assets and blockchain technology in France and Europe – to talk about the regulation of cryptocurrencies and Amira Bouguera, cryptography expert.

WiW3 also aims to organize workshops “To learn, for example, in small groups, how to secure a wallet, that is, a cryptocurrency wallet”to set up conferences with school“Turning to the new generation of women” and help businesses find web3 talent thanks to a platform with job offers accessible on the association’s website or job offers published on its LinkedIn page.

DeFi Special on October 13th

At the moment, the energy of the volunteers is focused on organizing a new event planned for the evening of October 13 in the premises of school 42 in Paris . It will focus on the topic of risk management in DeFi and will be sponsored by the French decentralized finance protocol Morph . Experts will speak during the evening such as Ava Cavaglione, co-founder of DeFi start-up Konkrete, Charlotte Eli, co-founder of Atlendis Lab and Naomie Halioua, DeFi expert and… president of Women In Web3 Paris!

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