With Exclusive, Romain Girbal installs the world of luxury in a new dimension: Web3

Aware of the endless possibilities offered by Web3, Romain Girbal and his partner Thibault Launay have developed, for the world of luxury, exceptional: a marketplace that allows prestigious brands to sell their products, digital, but not only, in a digital world, metaverse. . Lighting.

Romain Girbal, blockchain pioneer

Anticipating the potential of the newly emerged and already very active Web3 in the cryptocurrency sector and as a business angel for start-ups, Romain Girbal founded Exclusible, with his partner Thibault Launay, eighteen months ago. The principle?

exclusive is a Web3 marketplace. That is, it is connected to metaverses, in other words virtual worlds, in which man evolves through an avatar. In these universes, the products are NFT ie. harmless digital files in blocks, which can be bought with cryptocurrency or traditionally.

With Exclusible, Romain Girbal opens a new era for the world of luxury

Web3 has been influencing for some time, and increasingly, sectors such as video games and sports, especially football.

We bet on the world of luxury to invest in a place that had remained untapped until then. The world of luxury responds to very specific codes, which must be respected if we want to reach the customer. That is why our solution is entirely dedicated to him, allowing him to recognize himself there and place himself there without affecting his image.

Romain Girbal insists on one point: ” if Web3 still seems like pure science fiction to some, it is clearly the way of the future. Metaverse is the most accomplished and immersive form of social networking. Web3 is now known and appreciated mainly by Generation Z, and especially by men. But its attendance tends to extend to the entire population. We must understand that social networks as we know them today will no longer exist in a few years, because they will be replaced by metaverses, which are much more interactive. Our goal is to give luxury brands the opportunity to offer their customers products in line with current technological developments..”

To establish Exclusive, Romain Girbal has developed a strategy in several stages

To quickly establish its fame, Exclusive has chosen to create a buzz.

We started by printing 3000 copies of a membership card prioritizing the sales of future prestigious brands. Everything sold out in less than a weekend. This allowed us to start building a community, which now has over 200,000 members. We aim for a million within two years. We then validated the integration into our luxury brand marketplace. Now we have 14. Among them, Louis Moinet, Hogan, Alpine, we touch all the luxury sectors. We are surrounded by developers, but also marketing and luxury professionals. From 3 people in the beginning, the team has now grown to almost 50.

The advantages of Exclusive according to Romain Girbal

Buying a luxury digital product has several advantages.

There is the collector aspect: a digital product is by definition recognized as belonging to a limited series recorded on the blockchain. A digital product is also intact, the blockchain guarantees its traceability, which allows brands to fight against counterfeiting.”

But that’s not all. How is selling digital products important compared to a physical store? Entering a metaverse is by no means an exclusively virtual experience.

We take into account the fact that customers spend a lot of time on their screen, frequent social networks a lot. Web2 is an integral part of their lives. However, we are sure that the future is Web3. Therefore, we make sure to feed their expectations with prestigious digital products that will be usable in several metaverses. Moreover, if buying a digital product allows you to enrich the everyday life you have invented with your avatar in the metaverse, it also offers the possibility of creating a bridge to real life: you can get the physical version, delivered to your home, of a digital product purchased in the metaverse, on the one hand. On the other hand, buying a digital product makes the buyer a VIP, who creates a privileged connection with the brand, with access to all kinds of advantages: exclusive events, sales of limited series first…

With Exclusible, Romain Girbal is also entering digital real estate

Exclusible has diversified its offering by venturing into digital real estate. Logic, in short: who says virtual world means home, offices, shops, vacation places.

We have launched a large-scale operation dedicated to digital real estate, the principle of which is as follows: Excluded buys land in various metaverses and then builds digital real estate on it to resell to customers in the form of NFTs, a bit like when in real life, you buy an apartment off the plan.

A penthouse, a villa or even an island, anything is possible! The goods are delivered equipped and the buyer can customize it either by purchasing the decoration NFTs in Exclusive, or by using the ones he already owns.

CRM: Romain Girbal’s next challenge

Exclusible is also in the process of finalizing a more global B-to-B focused project:We have developed a blockchain and Web3 connected CRM tool that will allow our clients, which will be all kinds of brands, to acquire and retain customers at low cost, but also interact with the base of their existing customers. The beta version will be finalized in less than a month and will be fully functional, ready for large-scale development, in less than six months..”

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