why are they up 5% today and what coins to buy?

The cryptocurrency market is in circulation today as the price of bitcoin crosses $20,500 for the first time in a week, the price ofEthereum surpasses $1,500 for the first time since the post-merger turmoil, and total market capitalization reaches $1 trillion after three weeks below that threshold.

According to the latest information from coinmarketcap, Thebitcoin price rose more than 2% today to $20,322. According to this site, it would be the first time since October 7 that the price of the major cryptocurrency exceeded $20,000, after weeks of very moderate fluctuations below this barrier.

In addition to bitcoin, many cryptocurrencies are in the news and deserve to invest in it. Let’s take a look!

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

After only one week, the presale of Aries 2 Trade has already raised more than $2.8 million. This amount is indicative of the high valuation that the Ethereum-based trading intelligence platform enjoys. It is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2023 and will provide investors with a wide range of real-time social and analytical data.

With an average daily rate of $337,000, the sale has already raised $2.8 million, meaning it will hit its second-stage goal of $5,166,000 in about a week. From there, its presale price will increase again, this time by 2.6%, from 0.05 USDT to 0.0513 USDT.

Dash 2 Trade presale – Source: Dash2Trade

Pre-ordering Dash 2 Trade is a breeze. Just go to dash2trade.com and connect your MetaMask or Wallet Connect cryptocurrency wallet to buy Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT).

LThe total supply of D2T will be limited to 1 billion, of which 66.5% is for pre-sale. Compared to other new coins like Aptos, which has had no pre-sale and appears to have allocated most of its supply to its team and investors, this is a positive development.

Aries 2 Trade already has the foundations to deliver significant growth in the coming months, thanks to its solid fundamentals as well as its well-trained and experienced team.

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flow (FLOW)

Flow’s current price is $1.69, and the 24-hour trading volume is $89 million. The flow has increased by more than 3% in the last 24 hours. CoinMarketCap now ranks it 33rd, with a direct market cap of $1.7 billion. The circulating supply is 1,036,200,000 FLOW coins and the max supply is unknown.

FLOW Price and Tokenomics – Source: coinmarketcap

From the technical side, the FLOW/USD pair rose from a support level of $1.40, which is extended by a triple bottom pattern. On the upside, FLOW may encounter immediate resistance near $1.70 and an uptrend above this level could take FLOW’s price to $1.80 or even $2.10.

FLOW Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

of RSI and MACD are bullish, but the 50-day moving average could give FLOW supporters a hard time by offering resistance at $1.70. So consider buying FLOW above $1.40 today.


Never in human history have carbon emissions been as high as they are today. of the world around us has suffered greatly, with record temperatures and problems appearing in every corner of the planet. This is why, in recent years, we have emphasized the need to ensure that the goods and services we consume do not harm the planet.

A ton of carbon emissions can currently be offset by purchasing a single carbon credit. Unfortunately, scams and false promises abound in the carbon credit market sector, making people wary of any constructive change.

Despite this, the global market for carbon neutralization is worth more than 270 billion dollars, which represents a huge opportunity for a company capable of rationalizing this sector. By tokenizing carbon credits and making them available to consumers in the form of NFTs, IMPT.io is poised to revolutionize the carbon reduction industry.

As a result, IMPT will be one of the most trusted platforms in the industry, as every carbon credit it sells will be irreversible and verifiable. For more, tokenization guarantees the uniqueness of each carbon credit and eliminates the possibility of double spending.

You can get a carbon credit in three different ways on IMPT.io:

  • Anyone can buy carbon credits directly at IMPT.io.
  • More 10,000 companies of reference cooperate with IMPT.io.
  • of carbon credits can be exchanged for IMPT tokenswhich can be earned by making purchases at participating businesses.

or company those who want to reduce their impact on the environment can connect their online store to IMPT.io and share a portion of their profits for environmental protection initiatives.

After purchasing a carbon credit, the user can choose one OrGaniZatiOn certified environmental on a list to offset one metric ton of carbon emissions. Compared with the standard carbon offset technique, this is much more user-friendly and safe.

Consequently, The IMPT project has the potential to become the official standard in carbon offsetting, a growing industry.

IMPT presale

Preliminary IMPT sales exceeded $11 million. The hottest new coin on the market, IMPT, continues to raise huge amounts of money thanks to growing investor interest. Although the completion of its first phase is scheduled for November 25, the performance of the IMPT token exceeds analysts’ forecasts. The token’s current price of $0.023 is proof that it is close to reaching its pre-sale target.

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Lido DAO (LDO)

The current price of Lido DAO is $1.63, and the 24-hour trading volume is $32 million. In the last 24 hours, Lido DAO has fallen over 4%, but has gained over 9% in the last seven days. CoinMarketCap now ranks it 75th, with a direct market cap of $511 million.

LDO Price and Tokenomics – Source: coinmarketcap

The current peak of Lido CAD it was somewhat surprising given how he’s been going over the past few months. The recent rise in the price of Ethereum has benefited Lido Finance, which is still the largest valuer on the network.

Since the holders of LDO own the largest Ethereum (ETH) stock of any investor in the industry, they will benefit from the continued success and development of the cryptocurrency. The current rally is further evidence that LDO and Ether maintain a strong price correlation.

LDO Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

Technically, LDO is likely to find immediate support near $1.60 and resistance near $1.95. With the RSI and MACD indicators supporting a buying trend, the LDO has significant upside potential. An uptrend above $1.95 could push the LDO towards the level of $2.35.
Consequently, Another coin to keep in your wallet is LDO to make quick profits.

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