What is the best VR headset to choose in 2022?

Virtual reality technology is about consoles, but also PCs and smartphones. There are even some models that can work completely independently. To help you with your choice, here is a list of the 10 best VR headsets of 2022.

Our pick of the 10 best VR headsets right now

AOTUYE VR Headset: a virtual reality headset compatible with most smartphones

AOTUYE VR Headset – DR

it smartphone VR headset supports most models running Android or iOS. The head cushion and surround are made of leather and breathable foam. Specific lenses reduce blue light to protect the retina. The only negative: the remote control only works on Android devices and not on Apple smartphones or tablets.


  • VR headset for smartphones;
  • Comfortable pillows;
  • Blue light blocking lens.

The smallest:

  • The controller is not compatible with iOS.

HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite: a model dedicated to PC gaming

HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite
HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite – DR

Designed for PC gamers, this VR headset benefits from the latest technology. The player easily switches from a classic game to a VR presentation thanks to a Flip-Up structure. LCD panels provide an image resolution of 2800 x 1700 pixels with pixel reduction. The speakers deliver clear and rich stereo sound. This headset is compatible with Steam VR. We only regret the high configuration required to take full advantage of its performance.


  • Flip-Up VR Headset;
  • High resolution LCD panels;
  • Stereo sound.

The smallest:

  • High system requirements.

PlayStation VR: the official virtual reality headset from PlayStation

PlayStation VR – DR

Originally released for PS4, this one PlayStation VR headset can, with some adaptation and the use of a DualShock 4 controller (PS4 controller), work on the PS5. It is possible to access a catalog of VR games, some of which are free. The package contains a download code for the game VR Worlds, combining several experiences (racing, fighting, logic, flight, etc.). However, beware of the nausea effect inherent in this technology, which may take time to adjust to.


  • Official PlayStation licensed VR headset;
  • Designed to be compatible with PS4 and PS5;
  • VR Worlds game included.

The smallest:

Meta Quest 2 256 GB: a screen with 50% more pixels than the previous version

Meta Quest 2 256GB
Meta Quest 2 256 GB – DR

Originally known as Oculus Quest 2, this standalone VR headset does not require a keyboard, computer or smartphone to operate. To use it, only an active Facebook account is required. The game library covers all genres, from action games to puzzle games to virtual tournaments. This version of Meta Quest 2 has a large memory capacity. The screen, with higher quality than the previous version, offers total immersion.


  • Autonomous operation;
  • Good memory capacity;
  • Rich and diverse library.

The smallest:

  • A Facebook account is required.

HP Reverb G2: high resolution and 4 cameras on board

HP Reverb G2
HP Reverb G2 – DR

Compatible with SteamVR and Windows Mixed Reality, this one VR headset transmits a high image resolution (2160 x 2160 pixels per eye). 4 cameras on board allow devices to work without an external camera. The 6 meter cable offers freedom of movement. If it works on Microsoft operating systems from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and on Android, we are sorry for its incompatibility with most consoles.


  • Compatibility with Steam VR and Windows Mixed Reality;
  • High resolution and 4 cameras on board;
  • Long cable.

The smallest:

  • Not compatible with consoles.

Pimax 8K VR headset: a wide field of vision and native 4K technology

Pimax 8K VR Headset
Pimax 8K VR Headset – DR

With a FOV of 200 – corresponding to the field of view scale – and 4K resolution for each eye, this VR headset provides great immersion. Running on a computer, it remains pleasant to wear after hours thanks to a comfort kit provided. 3D audio sound restores the atmosphere of any game. Too bad about the difficulty of configuration and overly complex settings.


  • Field of view 200°;
  • Native 4K and up to 8K resolution;
  • Spatial sound 3D audio.

The smallest:

  • Difficult to configure.

Meta Quest 2 128GB: hand detection and 3D position capture

Meta Quest 2 128 GB
Meta Quest 2 128 GB – DR

it VR headset it works independently, it does not need to be connected to a computer, a keyboard or a smartphone. The device accesses, from a Facebook account, a catalog of free or paid games. Built-in technology allows manual detection. 3D audio immerses the player in the experienced scene, for example with the sounds of gunshots or footsteps behind him. We only regret about its capacity, quickly reached when downloading the latest and full games.


  • Autonomous operation;
  • Hand detection and 3D spatial audio;
  • Many games available (Beat Saber is offered).

The smallest:

  • Memory capacity a little low.

HTC Vive Pro Eye VR: an analysis of eye movements and an OLED display

HTC Vive Pro Eye VR
HTC Vive Pro Eye VR – DR

It can be used for professional or leisure purposes, this VR headset has eye tracking technology. Instinctive eye movements are captured for even greater immersion. The 2,880 x 1,600 resolution on an OLED display allows viewing of the smallest details. Ergonomic design accommodates wearing prescription glasses. Spatial 3D audio adds immersion during presentations as well as during video game sessions.


  • Eye tracking;
  • OLED screen;
  • Spatial 3D sound.

The smallest:

Samsung Galaxy Gear VR: a virtual reality headset dedicated to the brand’s smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Gear VR
Samsung Galaxy Gear VR – DR

it VR headset for the Samsung Galaxy smartphone offers a pleasant experience of virtual reality. The 360° panoramic view on the Super AMOLED screen is suitable for video games as well as watching movies or series. The structure remains light (about 320 g) and comfortable, even during prolonged use. The only negative: the limited and old list of supported Samsung Galaxy smartphones (only S6 and S7).


  • 360° vision;
  • HD Super AMOLED display;
  • Light and comfortable model.

The smallest:

  • Only for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 (+ edge).

PlayStation VR Mega Pack 3: Sony’s official reference with 5 games to download

PlayStation VR Mega Pack 3
PlayStation VR Mega Pack 3 – DR

it wrap under the official license brings together the PlayStation VR headset, accessories and 5 games from different universes to download. Thus, the player can choose between Astro Bot, Everybody’s Golf VR, Moss, Blood & Truth and VR Worlds. The kit also includes the necessary accessories for use on PS4 (or adaptation to PS5 using a PS4 controller). The only negative: a sometimes capricious motion detector.


  • Sony VR headset + 5 games;
  • Ergonomic structure;
  • HD sound.

The smallest:

  • The motion detector is sometimes inaccurate.

What is the best VR headset?

VR headsets come in several bundles, such as console or PC-only models, smart smart devices, or standalone headsets. Among the popular references, several brands often return, such as Meta Quest (formerly Oculus), HTC or HP. PlayStation gamers have their own dedicated model, PS VR.

How to properly use a VR headset?

Gaming – and usage in general – in VR isn’t for everyone. People sensitive to imbalance or nausea should avoid this experience. Others should definitely take the time to gradually set up and test their equipment. This adjustment is strongly recommended to avoid feelings of dizziness.

Live your passion for video games differently thanks to this selection of the best VR headsets of the moment. However, pay attention to your range of motion in small spaces.

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