Website translation: our A to Z guide

Do you want to be known on the web on an international scale? Great project! To begin with, there is one element that should not be overlooked if you want your communication strategy to succeed beyond your borders: translation of your website.

Find out today our file totally devoted website translation. Let it be your project translation be connected to one showcase page evaluating the services of a company or a Online store which sells products in foreign markets, nothing will save you in this matter. This guide will give you best practices to follow and mistakes to avoid.

Objectives of a good site translation

Let’s start from the beginning by devoting a few moments to the many objectives of website translation into multiple languages.

  • Grow your audience and advertise your business or the brand to an audience that doesn’t yet know it
  • Another direct consequence increase circulation. In the case of a company, reaching a wider audience makes it possible to sell more services or physical products.
  • Reassure and persuade : the internet is full of pages of all kinds and unfortunately you only have a few seconds per visit to convince internet users to stay on the page and not leave the page to consult another one. In less time than it takes to blink an eye, your texts should really grab the attention and grab the attention of the readers. Otherwise, they will have the bitter impression that your site does not suit them and will leave immediately.

An excellent one translation level it is a key argument to distinguish you from other sites. Online competition is fierce and relentless, show your visitors with high-quality texts that your company deserves their full attention and that you will be able to provide a specific answer to their needs, seriously and professionalism. Internet users will feel completely safe and have the pleasant feeling that the site is written for them, in their native language.

You are convinced by the advantages of a good translation ? Now let’s move on to a little more technical stuff.

Steps to correctly translate a website

Translate a site from A to Z can represent a significant workload depending on the size of the site, the number of published content and its traffic. For this mission to be successful, we recommend that you call one translation agency. A team of professional linguists is fully capable of adapting your site in multiple languages. Moreover, this procedure offers the advantage of guaranteeing total consistency between all your texts, regardless of the language and nature of your speech.

process internationalization of your website requires cultural knowledge of the target country and language skills specific to your activity.

By entrusting this mission to a translation agency specialized in several fields, you will be sure to work with a translator who knows your sector of activity and its specifics. For example, if your company specialized in aeronautics it is advisable to seek the services of a person who knows the specifics of the sector, its vocabulary and challenges.

some translation agencies make sure that the person responsible for your project is selected according to the desired language(s). Call a local in particular, it avoids any linguistic errors and offers the guarantee of a very qualitative and very natural reading result.

Don’t forget the most important pages

Of course, the home page, the presentation pages, the ones that define your services or talk about your products are very important. But all sites that have a legal interest are the same. Consider the translation:

  • of bottom of the page, which is also called Footer. Sometimes it contains valuable information such as contact details or company registrations.
  • of Legal Notice which contain all the mandatory data on the company and website
  • of Terms of Sale if you have an online store. They are the ones who manage the business relationships that connect you with your customers. They must be completely understandable and clear to everyone. This protects you as a merchant and also regulates the terms of sale of your products.
  • of Terms of Service if you have a community page or if internet users also contribute content. They are also necessary for some professions to oversee professional relationships and services provided.
  • of call to action buttons (the ones that are supposed to generate clicks and interactions). The latter should not lose their strategic interest. Smart transcription helps increase conversions.
  • of contact formsSpecial attention should also be paid to online requests for quotations and forms to make specific requests. Without this, internet users risk losing confidence and not completing their process.
  • of bUTTONSthey menus AND submenu since they are the ones who will facilitate or, on the contrary, complicate the navigation path. Of course, an interface that is difficult to understand will not have a good effect on the number of sales or contacts.
  • of Ariadne’s son if some of your pages have one.
  • of visuals which contain texts such as certain images, display banners or infographics.

And the taxonomy in all this?

All the texts of taxonomy should also be taken into account. As a reminder, taxonomy refers to all the structural elements that organize many website content. To better summarize our point, nothing like a concrete example:

In an online store, products are often classified as follows: To make your site multilingual in every detail, it will also be necessary to translate the url sections like “products” and “jewels”. Therefore, this should yield “/products” and “/gems” in the example we’re interested in. We cite only one specific example here, but this scenario can be repeated in several forms on a site, especially large sites that have many categories as well as several hundred or even thousands of products.

Not to mention the user interface!

On the admin interface side, it may also be necessary to translate the menus and blocks placed on the front end (in other words not visible to the public) to facilitate handling of the tool.

Indeed, depending on how your website is developed, it will potentially be essential to translate internal menus, settings sections as well as different levels of configuration so that webmasters, content administrators or content managers an online store to be able to navigate and perform all their tasks without encountering difficulties.

However, this only applies to specialized sites or large-scale digital projects with many stakeholders. If you have an exhibition site or a small online store, the interface of which is originally created in several languages, it will be useless to translate this part of the site.

And the natural reference in all this?

Depending on your visibility goals, you may need to hire an agency specialized in reference in parallel. Because yes, choosing the right terms and keywords more relevant is essential if you hope to be visible in the results of search engine.

Why do this work before proceeding with content translation ? Simply because it is the upstream strategy that will be implemented driver all in progress. Take stock of your current situation SEO and asking questions in the target language(s) provides a solid foundation. The final choice of keywords to use when writing all your web publications can be communicated totranslation agency. The latter will take these indications into account to translate your texts in the most natural way possible.

In this case, it is impossible to do a literal translation, you would definitely miss great positioning opportunities!

In addition, some well-known website translation agencies also offer additional services to take the localization strategy even further. This expert view allows you to benefit from sound advice to make your site and your communication even more relevant to the audience you want to reach. This is the best way to find new customers and increase your traffic.

Mistakes to avoid (above all) when translating a website

One of the most common mistakes usually made due to lack of time and/or budget is to translate the site bit by bit. Receiving a partial result will have a negative impact on the quality of the site in general and this will only tarnish the brand image and destabilize internet users.

Another difficulty: translate yourself and choose a literal translation that preserves neither the quality nor the meaning of your content. However, it is tempting to transcribe within another language without calling an external service provider. However, quality will suffer and you will waste time and money.

Ready to search a quote from a translation agency ? To get one tariff assessment as precisely as possible, take time in advance to determine what content you will be translating. This will allow interpreter to better consider the volume of work this represents. In most cases, the cost depends on the number of words to be translated in total, delivery delay and some specifications of the field of activity. Indeed, this last criterion is likely to require research work at the outset.

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