Webedia launches “Web3” management.

Posted on October 12, 2022 18:37Updated on October 19, 2022 at 10:46 am

“There are still questions about these new markets, but one thing is certain: it would be a mistake not to go there.” Stéphane Arnoult, director from Web3 on Webedia is convinced of this: the group has its card to play in the universe of metaverse (this set of new virtual and immersive universes populated by 3D avatars) and NFT (these digital certificates issued and exchangeable thanks to a technology of decentralized registry).

Webedia, which owns about twenty brands as Allociné, Purepeople, JV (video.com games, claiming around 30 million unique monthly visitors in France, production company especially the Elephant (“The intern”, “C Jamy”, etc.) and support and talent production activities in social networks (influencers, etc.), has just launched a dedicated web 3, transversal structure (management, content, etc.) .).

The Fimalac group of galaxies (owned by Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière) aims to achieve between 20 and 25 million euros of turnover by 2023 in the new activities of Web3. A small part of Webedia’s total turnover (around 500 million euros), but a “new playground”, according to Véronique Morali, president of Webedia’s executive board, is seen as a driver of growth.

Paying advertisers in cryptocurrencies

The strategy starts with Webedia’s ad management. The first strong token measure, this will accept cryptocurrency payments and make one partnership with CoinHouse (cryptocurrency management and transaction service). “The idea is not to speculate, but to act as a facilitator, especially for customers in the United States and South America, who are big users of bitcoin, etc.,” continues Stéphane Arnoult. So he expects a small portion of his customers (about 5%) to pay in crypto, which will be immediately converted to Webedia, to avoid exchange risk.

The group will offer a whole range of services and offers to its customers in these new markets (support, advice, promotional operations, etc.), especially using its influencers. For example, Maxime Biaggi proposed on Twitch a visit to the club Leader Price in Sandbox etc. of Aya Nakamura’s last interactive Fortnite concert it was commented by a youtuber to reinforce it etc. “Advertisers still seem to be very interested in NFTs, while demand for metaverses is a little less strong,” notes Stéphane Arnoult, however.

Competition with NFTs

Thus, the group that owns Allociné is considering “event” movie releases by launching these digital certificates.

Another part of Webedia’s offering: new content aimed at its community, especially video game fans. In June, he launched a section dedicated to Web3 in general (JVTech) and launched a contest where you can win NFT. On this occasion, he created a collection of NFTs. An interesting but also dangerous initiative when some “players” are very reluctant about NFTs.

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