Web3 conference, the future is played in Dubai

In a few years, Dubai has become one of the reference destinations in web3 and crypto. Everything that matters in the ecosystem as entrepreneurs and project leaders have thought for a moment about settling there. From November 17, the Web3Dubai conference wants to give the opportunity to those who have not yet made the effort to access the many key players that are already hosted there, and much more widely, investors and technicians from all over the world to share their knowledge and build partnerships . Workshops, VC meetings, project presentations, celebrity speakers, hackathons, we tell you all about a busy program announcing one of the most important crypto events of the year.

An initiative expected by many web3 players

Above all, the conference is intended developer-centric. The initial idea is to shed light on many innovations in Web3 technology or even modular blockchains. The focus will be on tools and techniques that can help you scale your project. For example, relying on new APIs developed by manufacturers and creators.

Thus, many workshops will allow you to familiarize yourself with the protocols that promise to be crucial in the blockchain ecosystem of tomorrow. If you have Good idea NFT which will revolutionize the field of non-fungible tokens or if you are developing a new exotic and disruptive DeFi protocol, there is no doubt that the quality of the seminars and speakers will be able to push your initiatives and skills to horizons that you did not I doubted when you arrived.

The schedule reveals a focus on interactions between crypto creators and investors

An event tailored for creators

Indeed, the conference promises to be a concentration of knowledge and opportunity. Many interactive formats are designed to best serve everyone’s expectations and ambitions. Programmers and technicians, for example, will be honored on November 17. That day will end a hackathon that started online on October 17 and that already promises to be epic. Numerous workshops will also be organized to popularize key new features that promise to be crucial the future Web3 ecosystem.

We will approach modular chains, security of smart contracts and many other subjects that can change the perspective of your projects. For more, during the “demo day” from the morning of the 17th, you will have the opportunity to present your idea in 5 minutes in front of an audience consisting of private investors and “Venture Capitals”. A unique opportunity to give a little more resonance and visibility to your initiatives.

Web3Dubai announces the color on Twitter

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Crucial and inspiring actors of the web3

This original approach finds its source in the difficulty for creators to get funding and for investors to find projects with high potential in this market. Thus, after this initial public presentation, you will be able to speak face-to-face with investors who will have noticed you. They will be able to invite you to this private meeting on November 18 using the booking app. An operation called “VC speed dating” which could be seen well real strategic syndicates are completed under the sign of crypto.

List of web3 speakers in dubai, all specialists in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem
The web3dubai conference offers interventions by many well-known speakers

The day of the 18th will really be more focused around meetings, be they private, thematic or contextual. To do this, the intruder’s tray could not be more busy. Many very prominent personalities from the blockchain universe will follow each other on the microphone. There you can find, among other things Metamask officials, CelestiaThe Graph, Ankr or even SushiSwap. An international cast of interventions rich in teaching and inspiration.

It is undeniable, Web3 is now a pretext for a multiplication of events worldwide. The technology is growing and soon new types of applications will emerge based on this disruptive evolution. On the other hand, among all these conferences, very few offers real added value in terms of development for project managers. It is precisely in this perspective that the organizers of Web3Dubai. The stated purpose? Initiate meetings and partnerships to drive the emergence of more decentralized, trustless, permissionless and resilient services. Do you get your ticket?

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