Virtual reality, hieroglyphs, disguises: Egypt invites itself to Euralille

Massages are available to Lille residents to have their photos taken in front of a setting representing ancient Egypt. (© Lille News/ Laurine Pollavini)

And if you take advantage of your purchases to discover more about ancient Egypt? It is possible at the moment Westfield Euralille Shopping CentreIN Lille. From October 24 to 29, 2022, several stands are available fun and free activities about the topic of Egypt.

To realize these workshops, the shopping center joined forces with The Louvre-Lens Museum. The latter currently offers EXHIBITION titled Champollion. The way of hieroglyphs. It recalls the work of the 19th century Egyptologist, the first to decipher the hieroglyphs.

An immersive experience

For the curious, a visit to the temple of abu simbel in virtual reality is offered. In the skin of Champollion, guided by a black cat, the player sees the facades of the temple pass before his eyes as they were in 1828. The journey takes almost 10 minutes.

The experience is very immersive. Sitting or standing, the player can turn 360° and will always be immersed in the scenery of the temple. For those who have already visited the country, the result is very successful. The only negative point of this activity: waiting time before putting on the helmet.

“It really makes me want to visit the museum”

For those who do not have the courage to wait long minutes to test virtual reality, other activities are possible. Visitors can masquerading as Egyptologists of the 19th century and take your picture. They then retrieve their portrait for free.

This activity appealed to Maxim: “It’s fun and free. It really makes me want to visit the museum. » Even the event seems to be good communication tools for the museum which wants to “meet new visitors, sometimes more distant geographically” according to Gautier Verbeke, director of mediation at Louvre-Lens.

Write your name with symbols

Wai-Wai, an artist from the region, is present on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 14:00 to 18:00. With the passers-by she realizes a giant collaborative fresco. Each visitor can write their first name in symbols resembling hieroglyphs on the wall. Each letter is equivalent to a symbol and they must be put together to make a word.

Videos: currently on Actu

For the illustrator, the purpose of this workshop is to “have fun with coding and decoding”. At the end of the seminar, the fresco will be exposed in the mall.

With artist Weii Weii, Lille residents will be able to write their first names in hieroglyphs.
With artist Waii-Waii, Lille residents will be able to write their first names in hieroglyphs. (© Lille News/ Laurine Pollavini)

Stickers, rhinestones and glitter paper

Last activity: customization. The most creative can have fun adapting the eyes of the famous statue of Bent writer. Stickers, rhinestones, glitter paper… All tools are available for visitors achieve the most beautiful eyes possible.

For Neïla, Jade, Lina and Alyha, four friends who came to participate in the workshop: “It’s very good. We could do whatever we wanted with the material. It made us want to go to the museum and it makes us want to love Egypt. »

It is also possible to see the “real” eyes of the writer. First floor, a full-size reproduction of the work is available in a window. Something to please young and old.

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