Toulouse and Metropolis unite their communication

The city of Toulouse and the Metropolis have just announced simultaneously, on social networks, the merger of their means of communication: accounts and websites. A logical measure for the executive, but which presents a problem of “mixing genres” for the opposition.

The website of Toulouse Métropole will be merged with that of the city of Toulouse © Screenshot

“As of Tuesday, November 8, 2022, the Toulouse Métropole Twitter account separates from that of Toulouse and becomes Toulouse-Town Hall and Metropolis. Don’t forget to update your subscriptions. Exactly through this message published on Twitter the municipal and metropolitan majority has announced the merger of its communication networks. A similar post also appears on community Facebook account, inviting Internet users to subscribe to the “Town Hall of Toulouse” page. “This merger is part of the logic of merging websites AND IN a unique Toulouse Mairie-Métropole site which will go online in November “, explains the City Hall… or Metropolis. So we don’t really know.

Information that has not reached everyone

And it is exactly that “gender confusion” which presents a problem for some elected representatives of Toulouse Métropole. First, for those who don’t seem to know, like Patrick Jimena, metropolitan councilor, member of the Toulouse Métropole group together and municipal councilor of Colomiers. First you think of a trick: “It’s not possible! It would be make the inhabitants of the agglomeration believe that Toulouse decides everything for the 37 municipalities that make up the Metropolis! He believes that one community cannot communicate for another, that the two entities have different policies, and that it is therefore dangerous to suggest otherwise.

And there are those who had received the information but paid no attention to it, such as Marc Péré, metropolitan councilor of the opposition group Alternative pour une Métropole Citoyenne (AMC) and union mayor. As Nicolas Misiak, elected in the Municipality of Toulouse, responsible for the modernization of the administration and the evaluation of public policies, explained to us, ” this collection of communication tools was presented during the mayors’ dinner on March 14, 2022 “. What Marc Péré easily recognizes, present at this meeting. But the latter expresses regret that the information was given “between the pear and the cheese”. “I remember that the topic was opened quickly. I also thought that we would talk again in the Council, not that the project had started”, recalls the mayor of L’Union.

What exactly is it?

In fact, ” the redesign of the websites began at the beginning of Jean-Luc Moudenc’s tenure “, explains Nicolas Misiak. It was about finding a solution for reduce the famous “thousand administrative sheets”.. “Today, when someone has to carry out administrative procedures, I don’t know if they should go to the City Hall or the Metropolis. By merging the two pages, this problem no longer arises. The user will have access to a kind of one-stop shop “, the chosen one translates.

Therefore it is intended to simplification of administrative procedures that the separation of the websites, and the means of communication more broadly, of the Municipality of Toulouse and the Metropolis has been carried out. The idea was not to merge the two countries, but to create a new one, the “Toulouse Mairie-Métropole”. More interactive and intuitive with a single entry to the 70 online services offered by the City of Toulouse and Toulouse Métropole. In the same time, the two entities’ social media accounts will also be merged. From November 8is the account of the municipality of Toulouse that will transmit the information.

A boundary problem

If the majority argues ““Service” and non-administrative approach of the operation, and claims to have delivered this new tool to users through an online survey answered by 1,500 residents of the Metropolis, elected representatives of the opposition see it only as a “step to say the least”. “It is a way for the Municipality of Toulouse to pull back the blanket. Without a doubt, the Pink City is the central city of the Metropolis, but it is not alone. AND is to say a few words about the other 36 municipalities that make up the Metropolis », analyzes Patrick Jimena.

“Through this collection of means of communication, most of Jean-Luc Moudenc stirs up confusion, he blurs the boundaries between the city of Toulouse and the Metropolis », Marc Péré considers for his part. “And by the way, who will fund this merger? Municipality or Metropolis? he asks. The elected member of the opposition finds it difficult to understand how the functioning of a community that is the Municipality of Toulouse can be adapted to that of a public institution for intermunicipal cooperation (EPCI) that is Toulouse Métropole. ” Is all this really legal? he continues.

One more step towards metropolisation

However, others have already done so. Actually, in Brest, reindeer or Strasbourg, this combination of communication tools is effective. “It’s a trend,” observes Nicolas Misiak, “it’s simple one more step towards metropolisation “. A process undertaken several years ago. From 2009, under the mandate of Pierre Cohen, the choice was made to unite multiple services such as human resources, public procurement, legal affairs, information systems, etc. This in order achieve operational savings. Thus, the internal communication and communication direction of the municipality of Toulouse and the Metropolis are provided by the same personnel.

But this “more step” tenses some elected officials of the Metropolis:

Even if the teams are the same, the communication of the two entities must be different “, explains Patrick Jimena, who notes a “great contradiction of Jean-Luc Moudenc”. “The latter regularly orders the opposition that when we are in the metropolitan council not to address the Toulouse-Toulouse subjects…”, the elected member recalls.

So that all elected officials sitting in Metropole have access to the same information and understand the process as best as possible, the executive has planned to present the new website at the next community council on December 8th. “Well, we will pay attention,” replies Marc Péré, “and we will ask for debate and vote on the subject”. He believes that the 133 elected representatives of the Metropolis, representatives of the 37 member municipalities, should be able to express themselves. But there is no plan, it seems, to seek the opinion of the electedespecially since the sharing of websites and social media accounts will already be done.

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