There are more and more tourists in Pontivy… thanks to the internet

The exceptional summer had a positive effect on tourism in Pontivy (Morbihan) in 2022. It must be said that after two gloomy years due to Covid-19, the trend can only be on the rise. Even if the number of visitors remains lower than in 2019, “reference year”, we trust the tourist office of the Pontivy community.

Internet, a gateway

On social networks, the tourist office of the Pontivy community highlights the wealth of the territory. And it works. The number of subscribers on her Facebook and Instagram pages has increased by 3,500 and 1,800 followers, respectively.

As for the website, it recorded more than 16,600 hits. By aging, it will be remade to be “In tune with the times, more efficient. It should be operational in the spring of 2023. And we will change the database to have the same as Region and Departments”. points out Gwénola de Araujo, director of the tourist office of the Pontivy community.

Note that the Lac de Guerlédan site is a hit: from January to September, it has surpassed the 65,000 visit mark, already more than in 2019.

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The success of guided tours

The figures stopped at the end of September 2022 do not take into account the All Saints school holidays. In particular the visit entitled “In the time of fortified castles” in Pontivy. And already, the turnover of guided tours (€10,940) is similar to that of 2021. And three times higher than that of 2019. A success driven by Château des Rohan, as well as family visits and “Napoleonic” costumes and “medieval”. “.

“It is important to adapt to our visitors. The more we improve attendance, the more related things we can offer. We are not closed to visits from food industry companies. But we are blocked by health standards or manufacturing secrets. says Gwenola de Araujo.

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Most tourists go to Pontivy

The tourist office has five reception points on the territory. The houseboat Duchess Anne, in Blavet, attracts 59% of total attendance with more than 12,500 visitors from January to September. There is also the shop directly opposite, Quai Presbourg, and the station shop, open from 20 July.

Not to mention the two reception points in Rohan, at the Maison du canal et du terroir and in Saint-Aignan, with the Électrothèque du lac de Guerlédan – the Electricity Museum.

In total, more than 22,700 people were counted in nine months. Already better than in 2021, but far from the bases of 2018 or 2019, with more than 30 thousand visitors.

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More cyclists

From January to August 2022, around 41,000 crossings were recorded on the Nantes-Brest canal in Gueltas. And a little more in Saint-Thuriau. A dynamic that promises to exceed the attendance of previous years. “It is mainly bicycles that are counted, about 75%”. Anna Robin, travel advisor at the tourist office.

A gradual rise, especially on the banks of the Blavet, in Neuillac. In 2022, more than 36,000 were counted compared to nearly 25,000 in 2016.

SNCF counter

Open since 2017, the SNCF ticket office in the tourist office shop continues to generate turnover: more than €150,000 from January to September 2022. In total, 2,380 people have been received at the tickets, which will move the soon Alfred-Brard place, inside the station.

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