“The Metaverse touches education, immobilization, industry, art… all sectors!” »

How does the metaverse empower creativity? What are the concrete embodiments of creativity that manifest with the emergence of Web3.0? So many questions that many entrepreneurs ask themselves when they get to tackle the topic of the metaverse. Florie Debailleux, journalist at Usbek & Rica, Nicolas Parpex, director of the Cultural and Creative Industries (ICC) investment division of Bpifrance or Alain Garnier, CEO of Jamespot, a company specialized in corporate social networks, discuss the changes of the metaverse and the appearance of Web 3.

I wouldn’t say that the metaverse is the tools of creativity, but that it’s a playground for creative people.“says Bilal El Alamy, co-founder and technical director of Dogami, a consumer game NFT dedicated to pets. New ideas that can give new life to companies, according to Alain Garnier. “Companies can project themselves into a fully customized universe (virtual office, platform, open space, etc.). If this field benefits large groups, it also presents opportunities for those who wish to become independent, as Dogami’s co-founder points out. ” These content creators can get paid for their creation (avatars, props, objects used in a virtual environment, etc.) for the first time and even receive royalties over time for what they have done in the past.. “, the latter rejoices.

Web 3, a matter of creation, but not only

All experts agree on one point about Web 3: it is far from fully exploited, even if it already offers new opportunities for creators through metaverse . ” We are in the experimental phase, we have just seen the tip of the iceberg. I think the total metaverse experience is still being invented, but we’re already seeing incredible things. ”, explains Nicolas Parpex. An experience that offers the opportunity to mix different universes within the same world. The advantage of this progress for entrepreneurs is to be able to cope in the virtual world, which they cannot do in real life, as the director of the ICC pole at Bpifrance points out. ” Metaverse experiences are transversal. We are in virtual reality (in avatar), we can wear a Chanel dress, dance, etc. It creates a collaboration between the worlds of fashion, live performance, gaming and virtual reality.. »

Among the sectors of activity, it is undoubtedly that games who is most engaged on the Web 3. Although ” gamers “Don’t cover the whole topic,” they should not be far from 60% », for Nicolas Parpex. According to the expert, eventually all areas will be affected: The Metaverse is a hybridization of the world between the real and the digital, so it affects education, real estate, industry, art. All sectors are affected. “An opinion shared by Bilal El Alamy. ” Especially in real estate with virtual tours. I have a penthouse in New Caledonia where I can host 50 people and we used it for an art exhibition, also for meetings. “. The same for Alain Garnier, where the medical field should be improved with the help of the multiverse: ” A surgeon has additional information compared to what he could see. This technology allows you to see more things and this is why the metaverse is effective, in a digitized model you can add elements. »

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