The Meta Quest Pro VR headset is very expensive! But this bestseller comes in 2023

News equipment The Meta Quest Pro VR headset is very expensive! But this bestseller comes in 2023

While the Meta Quest Pro virtual reality headset has just hit the market, Facebook’s parent company has discussed its VR plans for the coming year: Meta has confirmed that the new generation of Meta Quest for the audience would be coming very soon.

The Meta Quest Pro was a particularly hotly anticipated VR headset, as rumors touted it as the most advanced to hit the market. Now that it is available, the first demonstrations prove that indeed, Meta Quest Pro has it all, both in terms of virtual reality and mixed reality.

However, there is necessarily one point that bothers you and reminds us that it is above all a VR / AR headset intended for professionals: its price. with a basic set is sold for 1799 euros and additional accessories that can quickly inflate the bill by several hundred extra euros, it is clear that Meta Quest Pro cannot be democratized.

Meta Quest Pro for 1799.99 euros on Amazon

Meta knows this well, if Meta Quest Pro has many assets that can make VR lovers dream, it can also be a source of frustration for those who can’t afford it.. That’s probably why Dave Whener, the company’s chief financial officer, took advantage of Meta’s third-quarter earnings announcement to make an interesting announcement.

Thus, shareholders received confirmation that “the next generation of Quest consumer headphones” I am going out “later next year”. Unless the company decides on a drastic name change, that is Meta Quest 3 will be available sometime in 2023.

However, the wait is likely to be long: historically, the launch of a new VR headset at Meta coincides with its Connect conference in October. If Fall 2022 was Meta Quest Pro, it’s possible Fall 2023 will be Meta Quest 3.

However, this announcement is not surprising, as Mark Zuckerberg himself recently mentioned the fact that a new helmet was currently in development. In particular, he showed that tracking the user’s hands and eyes was one of the points on which the developers are particularly working. Furthermore, the price of this helmet should be between $300 and $500 : So it may be more expensive than Meta Quest 2 when it was released, but still much cheaper than Meta Quest Pro.

Meta may choose to put some elements of the new professional headset inside the new consumer headset, including “pancake” lenses, which save space in the headset while still displaying crisp, clear images. For Meta, the stakes are very high as the company tries to interest the public in the metaverse : with an innovative helmet that is easier to wear and offers more options, the situation can change. On the other hand, price may remain an issue for a long time…

Meta Quest 2 for 449.99 euros on Amazon

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