NFT – Is Aptos a Solana Killer?

The cryptocurrency market looks like a game of musical chairs. With funds and “users” that move according to opportunities, from one network to another. This is to take advantage of the returns and other flights offered when new digital territories are opened. An activity that sometimes comes down to mere passing noise. But in other cases, new “killers” appear to the detriment of competition. A scenario that could very well be that of the last episode titled: Aptos vs Solana.

The number of new networks that are supposed to be better than existing ones is becoming hard to count. To the point where I finally wonder if there will be enough activity and use cases to allow them all to exist. This is especially true in the context of a bear market that tends to clear out drastically. And with, at the same time, the appearance ofanother large-scale project that aims to revolutionize this ecosystem : The now controversial Aptos (APT).

A very bad period to operate this launch, according to analysts focused more on the price of cryptocurrencies than on building an ecosystem. But perhaps perfect timing given that some see potential in the Aptos project. Solana killer“. Because this “Ethereum killer” suffers from chronic dysfunctions since the beginning of the year. And its NFT market policy may well highlight the flight of its volumes to newer competition.


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Aptos – The “Solana Killer” of the NFT market

The Solana network has been established for some time as Ethereum’s direct competitor – all things considered – in the trending NFT sector. With a market share that fluctuates between 15% and 20% during the last months in front of this leader in this field (more than 70%), but which still marks a significant increase. Or more precisely, a smaller drop in volume than for other blockchains, which allows this percentage to increase compared to total collapse that hits this ecosystem.

NFT – Volume for Blockchain – Block

But recently, a new major competitor has just appeared, like a pebble thrown into this pond. With the launch of Aptos blockchainwith an estimated rating of more than 2 billion dollars. And the very development model of which Web2 raises the question of its importance and effective development capacity in the emergence of a Web3 that is still difficult to define.

But that doesn’t matter, because a very clear trend seems to upset the fragile balance of the NFT market. with an Aptos network definitely steals market share from Solana in the field. In particular after some community difficulties encountered by its platforms, such as magical edenon the delicate issue of copyright.

Aptos – Exploding NFT volumes

There is no doubt, the market for NFTs on the brand new Aptos network is registering an explosion worthy of the cryptocurrency sector. With volumes for his main project – Aptos monkey – which exceed all other known NFT collections over the past 24 hours. All this mainly in Topaz platform currently at the center of this speculative euphoria. The latter is already in charge $5.46 million in transactions made since its inception on October 18, according to figures disclosed by its founder under the pseudonym 0xclickbait to the media. decode.

NFT Tokens

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An amount that allows the Topaz platform to compete with its Magic Eden counterpart of the Solana network. Because just yesterday it posted just over $1.7 million in transactions versus $1.8 million for the latter. With an Aptos Monkey collection that has already been created $2.3 million in transaction volumes since its launch earlier this week. This while, in comparison, CryptoPunks moving forward on Opensea with volumes estimated at 440 ETH ($684,000) over the past 24 hours.

Will Aptos kill Solana?

But one of the impressive facts is the significant drop in activity registered by the Magic Eden platform during the same period. Because the latter saw her income has almost halved just in the last week. With his recent decision to make copyright optional as a possible cause. And a question on everyone’s lips, the network Is Aptos already replacing Solana?

NFT Tokens

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A question that is difficult to answer with certainty. Although Solana projects as The World of the Zodiac , Mogu Dragonz AND Aptos Top Sharks DECLARE move to Aptos to take advantage of this trend. Because, as some analysts rightly point out, this kind of hype has already happened with the Near Protocol network, however without extending in time. Because opportunistic migration remains a very popular sport in the cryptocurrency sector. But in this case it cannot be named as such that once the funds and volumes have been effectively returned to the Solana network. A case to follow…

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