Louviers: were deprived of internet for a month due to a construction company

Residents of rue Angélique Vignon were deprived of internet for almost a month. ©Dispatch of Louviers – Pierre CHOISNET

In Louviers (Eure), the residents of rue Angélique Vignon, perpendicular to rue du 11 November 1918, did not hide their anger. Tall they were deprived of the Internet for almost a month. It is impossible for them to use the landline, TV when it switches from the Internet or surf the Internet.

The fault lies with a construction company, Via Francewhich took place in the rue du 11 November 1918 on September 25, as part of work on Avenue Seine-Eure.

This construction company accidentally cut the telecommunication cables. It damaged the historic copper network by cutting subscriber telephone lines in the telephone exchange circuit.

Orange, the current owner of the network

The line was restored

of the line has been restored for a large part of them this Friday, October 21. What one of the residents confirms to us, Eric Bottewho lives at 5 rue Angélique Vignon: “Finally it’s back, it took a while! »

Local residents were forced to adapt during this month. Sarah Hattingois (1, bis de la rue) narrates “the telecommunications tussle” whileAnnick Montier (3), 82, feels isolated from her daughter who lives in Australia. The Internet is the only way for them to stay in touch. Annick Montier lives alone and says: “It was very difficult. I could not access my bank accounts or do my administrative procedures. “On his side, Frederic Lemullier (at 11) says that “this is the second time this year, it already happened last March”.

Residents of Angélique Vignon street have been forced to adapt: ​​4G switch or box, sharing the connection with a mobile phone, etc. For its subscribers, Orange says it offers a box or a 4G dongle to overcome the problem at that time.

Everyone also regrets that their various carrier subscriptions have nevertheless been billed during this month.

LOUVIERS - Residents of Rue Angélique Vignon, October 18, 2022
Rue Angélique Vignon is perpendicular to rue du 11 November 1918, in Louviers. ©Dispatch of Louviers – Pierre CHOISNET

Four fiber subscribers are still waiting

Orange justifies the delay considered too long by the residents

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Repairing copper cables is a meticulous and time-consuming task, as each line must be rebuilt.


But one last problem remains, because It also damaged fiber optic cables through France. “We have identified in this network four subscribers of the November 11, 1918 route without a telephone. To repair them, we asked for permission to work on a private domain. As soon as we receive it, our technicians will intervene”, assures the internet operator.

Right on this road, Sandra Dufils still waiting for internet access. “Fortunately, you are here to warn me, that we subscribers have no news”, begins the one who has been living at the fire level in front of the old Esso gas station for nine years. She has “major health concerns” and the Internet is in her eyes a tool “for leisure and administration”. “I can’t always move and this helps me a lot in everyday life,” Loveriani confesses. Sandra Dufils expresses her feelings: “No one cares about our situation. I don’t think anyone cares. »

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