Loire Atlantique. Young people discover aeronautics with Boeing: the first!

During these three days of activities funded by Boeing France, from Tuesday 25 October to Thursday 27 October 2022 in Bignon, near Nantes, young people were able to try their hand at piloting an aircraft. ©HSM

Boeing hunting in the lands ofAirbus ! of The American aerospace giant funded three days of activities for young people in Bignonfrom Grand Place Community and to suburb of Nantes.

An aeronautics sector that is recruiting

In total, these are 130 teenagers and young adultsfrom 11 to 25 years old, who have been able to try for a long time Feasts of All Saintsfrom Tuesday 25 October to Thursday 27 October 2022, in flight simulators and discover the range of professions offered by this mains voltage through games and exchanges.

The first in Loire-Atlantique and… in France

And moreover because it is, in tension, this Boeing France has been associated since 2015 with Leo Lagrange Federationwhich supervisesanimation in many cities of France on behalf of municipalities, such as Bignon, to organize various events for the young people.

“This is the first in Loire-Atlantique, but also the first in France in this format,” assures Caroline de Joigny, communications manager at Boeing:

We need to recruit more people, so it is important that we explain to young people that our jobs are not just limited to pilots and flight crew, but that they are also about the whole construction industry, aircraft repair and maintenance, growing employment sectors. a lot.

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Youngsters were also able to board a flight simulator and take control. Airplane is indeed a very good gateway to aeronautics. ©HSM

At the controls of an airplane and fighter plane

And since everything goes better when you’re having fun, the message was delivered in a fun way. Thus, young people have the opportunity to benefit from an activity that always creates a sensation: flight simulators.

“There is one plane and one military aircraft“, explains Jean-Michel Capron, the founder ofAssociation DécouvAIRte, which animated small discovery times for all participants. “The idea is really thatlearn while having fun. People always ask me if we can crash and where is the lever to shoot,” he smiles, “but I explain to them that it’s much more interesting to take advantage of my presence to learn how to orientate and do things. good “.

Airplane, a good gate

A little further, young people could climb aboard a glider. Finally from one simulator too, but we almost believed it. “The airplane is a very good gateway to becoming a pilot,” assures Pascale Vuaroqueaux, president of Pays de la Loire regional aircraft committee. “Not only because there you learn the same techniques as on the plane, but also because yes much less expensive. With all the support that exists, a young person can graduate €1000“.

Videos: currently on Actu

And he can fly only from his own 14 years old !

Ecological impact of the covered sector

In addition to these activities, other workshops have enabled everyone to understand the sector a little better, including a tablet quiz to raise awareness of ecological impact. “I think it’s very good that Boeing plays with transparency,” notes Dominique Potier, head of Bignon’s youth service, provided by Léo Lagrange.

For further…

A service for young people that is more than that tagged “Hub Leo” since the end of 2021. Which allowed him to expect activity. “There are about forty in France,” counts Guillaume de Chazournes, project manager of the adolescent department of the Léo Lagrange federation:

In these cities where we have identified that we can go further in our animation program by including a stronger educational mission, we offer training in media for example, or in commerce as here in Bignon.

Boeing Le Bignon Airspace
Like other youngsters, Maïa was able to pilot a fighter jet thanks to virtual reality. An activity that has attracted many people! ©HSM

“It intrigues me a lot”

And the young people in all this? Were they enticed by the approach? “We learn a lot of things, I never would have thought we could become fighter pilots,” recalls Nohlan, 12, from La Chevrolet.

Marius, at the same age, also took pleasure in discovering this activity of his virtual reality : “We really felt like we were there, it even made me nauseous when I wanted to shoot,” admits this young man from Pont-Saint-Martin.

The discovery was also positive for girls. Maia, 11 years old, from Law“I really liked the quiz” in environmental issues. And if like his friends, the day “didn’t particularly make him want to work in aeronautics, that intrigues me a lot.”

In any case, they still have a long way to go before deciding on their future.

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